Parodying, an entertaining format where two well-known comedy personalities, who are experts in parody, will form teams to compete and try to find the best contestants with the most outstanding abilities in the art of comedy and parody.

Each week, the personalities will help contestants to sharp their skills and set up amusing routines, in order to be scored by the Critics’ Panel, formed by acclaimed comedy and show business stars.


The format has 4 stages:

• Stage 1: Qualification

The Team Captains will carry out a demanding contestants qualification.

• Stage 2: Team Battles

An exciting series of duel rounds where the contestants will make a major effort to show their talent. Only the best will stay in the competition.

• Stage 3: Sudden Death Duels

An awesome eliminatory round that will force contestants to do their best on stage; the main purpose will be getting a place in the Grand Finale.

• Stage 4: Grand Finale

An spectacular ending with three exciting phases.

Grand Finale Structure

At the Grand Finale, the contestants will face each other to win a big cash prize.

• 1st. Phase

The contestants will have to perform a “double parody” where they will have to embody two characters simultaneously. At this phase, the Critic’s Panel will score and eliminate contestants, shortening the finalists group to half.

• 2nd. Phase

The remaining contestants will act without characterization; their performance will be supported by their abilities and parody skills only. The contestants with the lower score will be eliminated from the competition.

• 3rd. Phase

The three finalists will perform their last parodies as their favorite character. The final decision will rely on the audience; they will choose the absolute winner who will take home a huge cash prize.

Format Elements

• Transformation Chamber

An scenography element that will seem to “transform” the contestants into audience’s favorite celebrities just before their performance. It is the perfect backing for the contestants to show their versatility while playing comedians, actors and singers from a wide variety of genres that all audiences will love.

• Characterization

An essential element of the format: a team of professionals and specialists in make-up, prosthetics, hairdressing and wardrobe that will be responsible for characterizing contestants, helping them to give their best performance on stage.

• Parody

Contestants’ talent and comedy will make us enjoy incredible routines filled with humor and

entertainment for the whole family.

• Audience Vote

During the season, the audience at the studio will have the opportunity to cast a vote, in order to help Captains to make a choice, break a tie or select the winner of the show.

• Captains

Two professionals of parody and comedy that will compete with each other preparing their own teams to win the show.

• Critics’ Panel

Four well-known figures of show business and comedy, who will watch and comment contestants’ routines, giving them critique and advice about how to improve their routines. During the season, they will also have the last word about who leaves the competition.



(I) 11 x 150' (II) 14 x 150' (III) 15 x 150`

Reality Show


Producers: Rubén Galindo, Santiago Galindo - Year: 2013

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