Papá A Toda Madre

Based on the story line “Men at home” by Monserrat Gómez


Mauricio López-Garza is a charming, handsome, coveted playboy, owner of the toy emporium Logatoys, who –startlingly– can’t stand children and avoids them like the plague. In the habit of letting others solve his problems, Mauricio entrusts his company’s management to Fabián Carbajal, his best friend since childhood. Eventually, Mauricio’s overspend starts ravaging the factory’s finances, which leads it on to the verge of bankruptcy.

This is how this consummate bachelor leans towards the most unimagined way out to his financial problems, putting his life of excesses on hold to marry a “rich girl”, whose father promises to invest a millionaire amount of money to Logatoys as soon as his daughter’s fiancé becomes his official son in-law.

But just as Mauricio is in front of the altar and about to say “I do” to the gorgeous bride, Anifer, a lovely seven year old girl, bursts into the church to stop the wedding arguing that the groom is no other than her father.

The commotion comes swiftly as the nearly father in-law takes his heir and his millions away leaving the groom high and dry, dead-end, with a factory about to close down, and a daughter from whom he had never heard before, turning him into the parent he wouldn’t even dare to dream in his worst possible nightmares.

Forced to sell all of his goods to pay off the company’s most urgent debts, Mauricio has no choice than moving with Anifer to a small private road which residents are precisely some old Logatoys’ employees he had fired himself on bad terms.

Now, Mauricio must coexist with his new neighbors. Jorge Turrubiates, a strict and conservative lawyer in his forties, who remained in charge of his two unbearable teenage kids after getting divorced; Toño Barrientos, the ‘thirty something’ computer engineer who switched the roles with his wife so that she became the provider and left him the role of the “housewife”, leaving their three mischievous children under his care; and Nerón Machuca, a fiftyish widower who falls in love with a woman twenty years younger than him and becomes a father again, despite he had thought parenting was finally over for him since his children are grown ups now.

On the other hand, there is Renée, an athletic, good-looking girl who will break Mauricio’s mold making him give up his heart to her.

This way, Mauricio, Jorge, Toño, and Nerón, begin a journey in which they discover that the private road’s backyard is just the starting point of everything they have in common. Whether they are single or live in a family, the three of them should carry out the tasks formerly considered women exclusive and outlive a gang of children from different ages, who are ready to show them that “to be a great father you must be an awesome mother”.



104 x 60’



Pedro Armando Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero, Humberto Robles and Héctor Valdés.

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