Pablo And Andrea


Andrea is 10 years old and lives with her father Juan Carlos in Mexico City. One day, they decide to travel to a colorful and magical village called Huasca, to visit her grandfather Don Cipriano Saavedra, the most respected man in town. They never imagined that Don Cipriano would pass away during their visit.

Pablo, who is also 10 years old, lives in Huasca. He is full of energy and somehow always manages to get into trouble. Pablo has a younger brother named Martin, and since the tragic death of their parents, the two boys have lived with their aunt Gertrudis and their cousin Alma.

There is a radical change in Pablo’s life when he meets Nicolas, a twelve-year-old who is known in the village as a bum and a rebel; however, this reputation is undeserved, because Nicolas is a very mature and responsible boy who takes care of his father, Sabas, who took to drinking after his wife left them and disappeared without a trace.

Pablo meets Andrea on her visit to Huasca. When Don Cipriano dies, Andrea and her father have to prolong their stay in the village.

Andrea has always loved listening to her grandfather’s stories. Shortly before his death, he gives her a strange pendant that is actually an amulet, which will protect her and, at the same time, will reveal to her a great secret that was always kept by Don Cipriano: the existence of mysterious beings in the nearby forest.

Míkonos, a greedy, evil man, is certain that the closely guarded of Don Cipriano is actually the location of a fabulous diamond mine, and he is determined to own it anyway he can. He will avail himself of the services of Osvaldo, Quintero, and three other—terribly clumsy!— hoodlums who will do everything in their power to get their hands on Andrea’s amulet, in the belief that the jewel is the key to finding the mine.

Every day, Pablo and Andrea will experience an endless series of adventures along with all their friends, in their mission to protect her grandfather’s secret.

This, then, will be a tale of wonder, magic and mystery, but above all, it will be a tale... out of this world.

And the only thing we need to set forth on this exciting adventure... is you.



100 x 60'



Executive Producer: Lucero Suárez - Script: Lorena Salazar, Arrelly Caraza, Alejandro Cicchitti - Literary Edition: Salvador Jarabo - Year: 2005

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