Esther, Julia, Celeste and Margarita live in the same housing unit. They have known each other for several years and despite their differences, they have a shared desire to get ahead, so the four of them agree to start a small business together: a food truck. Nevertheless, when they are about to get everything ready for the new venture, an unexpected event changes their lives for good. The truck they had just bought for the business crashes while traveling from the border. 
In the same accident, Esther loses her only son; Julia is faced with her missing husband (who was supposedly driving the truck) and Margarita dies orphaning María del Rayo, "Rayo", a 14-year-old teenager. Celeste, on the other hand, is diagnosed with a degenerative condition, right when her longing to get pregnant has finally become a reality. The tragedy places each of them in a fragile family, emotional and financial position, as they have a deadline to pay off a large debt to a creditor. This creditor happens to be Flavia, a former friend of theirs, whose intrigues ultimately break the foursome's friendship. 



80 X 60’


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