Overcoming Heartbreak


They say: "Women together, not even deceased"; but when Bárbara Albarrán De Falcón, Ariadna López, Dafne Falcón and Gemma Corona, four women of different ages and personalities, are forced to share the same roof, their coexistence results in a series of events and unexpected consequences.


It all begins when Barbara, a conservative and conceited woman, celebrates her husband, Joaquin Falcon's, retirement. Now that he won't be working anymore and their three children, Alvaro, Eduardo and Gael, no longer live in the family home, Barbara wants to travel and do new things. However, she will soon discover that Joaquin doesn’t share her same dreams 


Ariadna is brave and passionate. She lives with Eduardo, Barbara's second son, an accountant who is as attractive as he is dishonest and with whom she has a son: Tadeo. Ariadna left her career as a journalist to become a full time mother and when her son is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, all kinds of complications arise for the small family. One of them is having to live in the house of her mother-in-law, Bárbara, with whom she has never gotten along. They both can't stand each other.


Meanwhile, in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi, while pregnant with her second child, Dafne is getting ready to move to Zacatecas with her husband, Nestor, and her young daughter, Clarita. The young couple has many plans, but everything falls apart when, unexpectedly, Nestor dies in an accident and Dafne becomes a young widow. 


On the other hand, coming from the countryside, Gemma will also arrive at Barbara's house. Gemma, who is supposed to be replacing the former domestic worker, lies about her age and the reasons that led her there. The lives of these four women intersect when Eduardo leaves and dumps Ariadna and Tadeo at Barbara's house.


Additionally, shortly after being widowed, Barbara has to face Dafne, who comes to claim her inheritance as Joaquín's recognized daughter, albeit being born out of wedlock.


Once at Barbara's house, without pursuing it, Dafne awakens a very particular affection in her half-brother Gael.


To complicate matters even further, Barbara's eldest son, Álvaro, returns to the family home after a serious marital crisis. An empathy grows between him and Ariadne, which gradually turns into a forbidden love. 


This is how, despite their differences, the four women form a close bond that will lead them to acknowledge that staying together makes them stronger. Altogether, they will be stronger to face any obstacle, wiser to protect their families, and more open to be surprised by the love of the men who appreciate them in a way each deserves.



93 x 60’

Light Melodrama

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