Toño is a modest waiter at the Buenaventura market. Ricardo is an important millionaire businessman, CEO of the Reyes Alonso Group.  They don't know each other and none of them knows they have a twin brother and that, at birth, they were separated because of their father.   

Toño has always prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus for the miracle of making him a millionaire. He shares his love among his many conquests; he sings, he dances and enjoys life without a purpose until he discovers and helps Ricardo, a guy who looks just like him and is run over. Impressed, Toño goes on to ask his mother (Luchita) about what he has just experienced and finds her in bed with his best friend (Germán). Hurting and affected, he goes to Ricardo's house to return his jacket, cell phone and checkbook.

There, he is mistaken for Ricardo and falls in love at first sight with Natalia. Out of love for her, and after discovering Ricardo has lost his memory and Luchita has taken him home believing him to be Toño, he decides to take Ricardo's place.

He soon discovers that despite living as a millionaire and being married to Natalia, he misses his mother's love, his sister Renata and his friends from the market. In addition, guilt consumes him inside, and although Benjamin becomes his accomplice and helps him out of the mess of his job as a financier, everything gets complicated when Bacalao, his crooked father, gets out of jail and discovers him. The worst thing is Toño doesn't know that Natalia is Damian's (Ricardo's half-brother) lover and together they have planned to keep the Reyes Alonso's fortune. Meanwhile, Ricardo hurts for feeling alienated from his uneducated, unworldly and penniless family and friends.

No one can stand his arrogance and smugness. The only person who gives him peace is Fabiana, whom Toño has known since she was a child and sees only as her best friend, even though she has always loved him. Ricardo falls in love with Fabiana and confesses to her that he is a different Toño from the one before the amnesia. Fabiana still sees him as a womanizer because Charlotte, Ricardo's psychiatrist who helps him recover his memory, has fallen in love with him and takes him into her house. Fabiana ignores that Ricardo doesn’t love Charlotte back.

He feels out of place in the poor neighborhood but learns to live without money and to accept Luchita and Renata's affection as well as to defend them from Bacalao, whom he refuses to accept as a father.

Claudio, who with Dora's (the housekeeper) help bought Ricardo when he was a newborn, sees in Toño the loving son that Ricardo was not. Just when he feels closer to "his son", things take a turn as Ricardo recovers his memory and faces Toño.

Will Natalia, -who has fallen in love with Toño thinking he is Ricardo-, be able to break her alliance with Damián and prevent the fraud she hatched with her lover from being revealed? Will Luchita give herself another chance with Germán or will she resign herself to stay next to Bacalao? Will Ricardo manage to win Fabiana over now that she knows he is not Toño? Will Toño and Ricardo be able to forgive Bacalao for separating them at birth? Will Ricardo and Toño forgive Claudio and Dora for the way they managed to get a son for Claudio and his late wife? Will Luchita recuperate Ricardo's affection, who believes she was never interested in looking for her lost son? Will Ricardo be able to forgive Toño for marrying Natalia?

The truth will come out and will shake the worlds of rich and poor that both brothers have experienced by exchanging identities. But today, neither is the same as before. 



85 x 60'


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