No Fear of Truth S3


President Emiliano Lozada (Eduardo Yáñez) is kidnapped and Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) is promoted to attorney general. Escamilla hires a ruthless assassin to take down Manu (Alex Perea) with the power conferred upon him. The assassin is about to achieve his goal and Manu almost dies in a fire. Manu reflects on the danger that his family is facing and decides to take Bere, Paco and Doña Cata to the beach, to get disconnected from the world. Meanwhile, Escamilla and the 'Mafia of power', take full control of the country and cause many disasters.

On the other hand, Andrea, Manu's platonic love, is looking for him across land and sea, because she knows that only "Gus" is capable of finding the whereabouts of Mexico's President in order to rescue him and thus restoring order and peace to the country. Manu and his family find on the beach the peace they never had before, especially Bere, who finally has the man she loves all to herself. Andrea manages to discover Manu's hiding place, she confronts him and convinces him to return to the city to fulfill his mission.

Bere, mad about being jealous of Andrea, tries to prevent Manu from returning to the city as she fears losing him. However, his sense of duty is stronger and Manu returns to save Mexico. He will have to face another problem though, being caught between the loves of two women and not wanting to disappoint either of them.



35 x 60'


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