No Fear of Truth


Manu is an urban hero. He has a job at an IT shopping center and runs a V-Blog anonymously as “Gus”, his online identity. He uses this alternate identity with the people he protects from any kind of injustice.

Manu uses his tech skills in every episode to solve a different case. These cases involve issues such as harassment, cyberbullying, sexting, corruption, impunity, organ trade, on-line drug trafficking, suicide challenges, human trafficking or baby snatching.

Doña Cata, Manu’s mentor has helped him survive his terrible past, which we will discover as “Gus” solves various cases.

Manu is a fugitive of the law. A corrupt policeman by the name of Horacio is intent on hunting him down to make Manu pay for the death of his brother.



21 x 60'

Drama , Crime , Detective Drama


Raúl Eduardo Olivares González and Itzel Jatziri Lara González

Produced by

Rubén Galindo

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