My Sweet Curse


The village of El Salado is a window into the past. There, traditions, beliefs, and old customs are maintained. And even though this makes it extraordinarily colorful, it is far from perfect as the inhabitants there still believe in supernatural powers, witchcraft, and curses. So when little Aurora’s mother dies while giving birth, Macrina, the midwife, immediately spreads the news that the girl is responsible for her mother’s death since she was born with a birth mark that looks like a skull and this clearly proves she gives rise to misfortune. This way, the baby girl is labeled as a ‘curse bearer’ for good. The neighbors act around the little girl as if the devil himself was standing in front of them, making Severo, a miserable swineherd that stinks everything out, intimidate Aurora, swearing to her that she will never have a family because her destiny is written and it must be fulfilled.  

Aurora is left under the loving protection of Anselmo, her father, who determines to keep his daughter completely isolated from people with the sole intention of protecting her from the absurd myth that has been created around her birth mark.

When Aurora is still very little, the magic of love comes to her life when Rodrigo, a little boy from a wealthy family, accidentally meets her and is captivated by her for life. Over the years, an unconditional love grows between them. 

Aurora turns into a beautiful woman, but her life suddenly changes when her father catches a terminal illness and in his deathbed asks his daughter and Rodrigo to make a promise: he asks Rodrigo to always protect Aurora, and asks his daughter to prove the people in the town that she doesn’t bring misfortune but love. Both accept their promises taking on a commitment forever, so Anselmo dies in peace. Aurora is now unprotected and suffering her insurmountable loss. Rodrigo offers to look after her, but Aurora makes the decision to move out from El Salado.

Some years later, misfortune hits Aurora again when she believes her aunt has died and her death was her fault. She is certain now that she does attract misfortune and returns to El Salado, where she lives isolated in the cemetery, near her father’s grave. When old Severo finds this out, he kidnaps her and locks her up in a big old house which makes Rodrigo come to rescue her so that both can be happy together. But unexpectedly, the girl refuses to leave with him. The reason why, remains a mystery.

The estrangement between Aurora and Rodrigo is a perfect chance for Mónica, the new tenant at the boy’s hacienda who wants to catch him no matter what. But Aurora and Rodrigo have always known that they belong to each other and they will fight for their love, without putting behind the promises they made to Anselmo, even if to keep her word, Aurora must prove everyone, including herself, that she wasn’t born with any curse and she is a young woman that is strong enough to overcome all hardships, superstitions, and capable of enjoying love next to the man she loves.



122 x 60’



Ricardo Tejeda, Félix Cortés and Gerardo Sánchez

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