Burden of Guilt


Clothed in the verdant landscape of the beautiful state of Chiapas, a powerful love story comes to life, filled with passion and intrigue that will reshape the lives of three families and shake up an entire town.

Julian and Lucrecia always knew that they were meant for each other.  Since childhood they were bound by a pure, innocent friendship that, with the passing of the years, blossomed into a true and passionate love. Julian is the son of Rodolfo, the town’s schoolteacher, and Justina, a bitter selfish woman whose nature jeopardizes her husband’s cordial ties with Paulino, Lucrecia’s father and owner of the estate, “El Milagro”

Lucrecia’s mother, Rosario, is a prejudiced woman who ignores her daughter and demonstrates a clear preference for Cesar, Lucrecia’s twin brother. When Cesar dies in a tragic accident, Rosario blames Lucrecia and Julian. She is so cruel to her daughter that Paulino finally sends the child away to protect her. For years she is kept away from her mother but also away from Julian, who adopts an attitude of rebellion, for which the people in town nickname him “El Chamuco” (The Devil).

Paulino and Rodolfo, together with Gabino Roura and Matías Quiroga, have been good friends since childhood.  But life has a way of changing these men, and while Matias chose a life of service to God, Gabino became a shrewd and greedy man who ends up killing his wife, Ines, for her money. Gabino has learned to manipulate his friends and his two children, Carmelo and Teresa.  Father Matias perceives with anguish how all these intrigues have converted his friends into enemies.

When Lucrecia returns to town a few years later, she is accompanied by her cousin Renata, a pathologically jealous young woman who wants to steal everything from Lucrecia. Julian and Lucrecia see each other again and their love is rekindled, but Gabino also finds her attractive and takes advantage of Paulino’s financial troubles to demand his daughter’s hand in marriage. However, Carmelo also desires Lucrecia and murders his own father and frames Julian for the crime. Lucrecia is forced to marry Carmelo in order to save Julian and prevent her father from financial ruin. Believing Lucrecia has betrayed him, Julian leaves town. Lucrecia suffers because although she sacrificed her love to save her father, they still loose the estate. A stranger now owns “El Milagro.” Carmelo is a cruel and possessive husband, and Lucrecia tries to understand what great sin she has committed to deserve the living hell she lives in.

Hope springs anew when she discovers that the new owner of the estate is none other than Julian. Together, they are willing to fight to their last breath for their love and their right to be happy.



110 x 60'


Executive Producer: Juan Osorio Ortiz - Associate Producer: Jorge Sosa Lanz - Director Consultants: Jorge Fons - Year: 2009

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