My Secret


What would you do if you lost everything and life gave you the unique chance to reinvent yourself and take on a new identity in order to move forward?


Destiny can present us with crossroads, in which, in a matter of seconds, our life takes a 180-degree turn and compels us to make a decision that will define our entire future. Such is the story of Valeria and Natalia, two girls who were eight years old when they met at a boarding school in Spain and who, bound together by their families' lack of love, became inseparable friends until the day they have a terrible accident, next to Natalia's boyfriend Tony, who was involved in murky business dealings.


Valeria is the sole survivor, but she must flee. The police are on their way and she realizes that they won't believe her innocence. All she manages to rescue is Natalia's documents, so she decides to take her friend's identity and return to Mexico. Valeria arrives at Hacienda Moncada, unaware of the problems and enemies that await her there, starting with Fedra, Natalia's terrible stepmother and the mastermind behind all the family's misfortunes.


Her new life brings her numerous challenges, but it also brings her love, which she finds through Mateo, the Moncada ranch manager. Initially, Mateo rejects her based on old resentments towards the real Natalia. Thus, a love-hate relationship develops between them, but eventually Valeria manages to win his heart. Meanwhile, Valeria finds comfort in Rodrigo's sweetness, a young doctor who has been in love with Natalia since childhood.


Just when it seems that Valeria's secret can’t hurt her and that she can live peacefully and harmoniously with the man she loves and the Moncada family, Natalia reappears. She was not killed in the accident, as Valeria thought, and she is ready to regain the identity that was stolen from her and to take revenge by seducing Mateo.


Valeria and Natalia are two friends, who are now enemies, fighting for the same love.



117.5 x 60'


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