My Husband's Family S1


Julieta believed she had found the perfect man in Robert, a successful and supportive Physician who is hugely appealing to her for he is alone in the world. Robert got lost at the age of four and finally got adopted by a Colombian American family, with whom he holds a distant relation as they live in the USA. As for Julieta, she never wanted a stepfamily, especially a mother in-law.  

For years on end, Julieta witnessed how her mother struggled due to the rather disastrous relation she had with her mother and sisters in-law. On top of that, she has also heard her friends repeatedly telling horror stories about the coexistence with their in-laws.

On the other hand, Robert’s life has been tough. As a child, he lived in an orphanage for a while believing he had been abandoned. Then, he got adopted and was taken to New York where he was raised under the name of Robert in a comfortable environment, but free of care and affection as his adoptive mother, an American woman, was a cold person who only focused on her chores looking after her other children.

Being together seems to be the most beautiful coincidence in Roberto and Julieta’s life. Having this man just for herself is like a dream to Julieta, so she is devoted to him and offers him the best of her. On the other hand, Roberto feels she is the reward that life had prepared for him after so many years of solitude. They agree on not having children, live in a beautiful house and are fully committed to each other.

But it all changes when destiny brings this couple to live next to a singular, huge, middle-class family: the Córcegas, who happen to be Julieta’s future husband’s family; and Juan Pablo turns out to be Robert’s true name.

Julieta is sure she loves Juan Pablo; they were actually planning to marry soon. But her mother in-law’s rejection, the trouble personalities of her sisters in-law, and the conflicts of that family coming from nowhere, pose a threat to her relationship with her prince charming.

Juan Pablo will be in a powerful dilemma, trapped between his mother and his wife. Juan Pablo must learn to coexist with his new family without overlooking his relationship and future marriage. He will come to the Córcegas’ life to balance them, solve their problems, give them back the joy they had lost, and teach significant life lessons to them.

Only love will provide Julieta with the strength needed to stay by Juan Pablo’s side, marrying him and his entire family, which will put her through the most unexpected, strangest, and funniest situations.



102 x 60'

Family Melodrama


Written by: Park Ji-eun


Executive Producer: Juan Osorio - year: 2017

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