My Husband's Family S2

Based on the original television series “My Husband Got a Family” written by Park Jieun, produced by KBS.


Yolanda has finally fulfilled her dream and wears her brand new uniform of US-FLY airline with pride and class. Three years have passed since she was flying for the mafia, and with that chapter in the rearview mirror she is ready to settle down and marry the love of her life, Dave Mejía. Now living as Yolanda Olmos in Los Angeles as part of the witness protection program, she is excited to start a new family.

After the death of her friend Amanda, Yolanda intends to adopt Arley as the widower Mena decides his life is not fit for solo fatherhood. Child services has doubts that Yolanda is the best person to raise the boy, and the process has taken longer than expected. The situation becomes vastly more complicated when Arley is kidnapped in the middle of one of Yolanda’s flights by Colonel Santamaría, formerly of the Colombian military. Santamaría escaped from prison thanks to the help of former DEA agent Mónica Ortega. Both are out for revenge against Yolanda and Dave.

Santamaría and Ortega have found a home in the Russian Mafia as part of the Kilichenko family, a group Dave has been pursuing for the past few years. The Russians are engaged in human trafficking both men and women into the United States. When the victims arrive, the men are killed and their organs harvested to be sold on the black market. The women are handed over as sex slaves and taken to a legendary clandestine brothel known as the "Diablo Club." This operation is overseen by Muñeco, a Mexican associate of the Kilichenko family. Santamaría becomes head of security for the Russians and grows close to Vasily and his family. Perhaps feeling too comfortable, Santamaría ignores Vasily’s warnings that no employee is worthy of his beloved daughter Irina and falls into an obsessive and sensual relationship with her.

Dave will need to enlist the help of his old rival John Lucio to face the Russians, but worries that may create problems with Yolanda because of her history with John. In addition to his past with Yolanda, John had a relationship with Irina which creates another level of complication.



155 x 60'



Héctor Forero, Pablo Ferrer y and Santiago Pineda


Year: 2018

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