Darling Sweetheart


Three close girlfriends who have not been able to find real love due to different reasons, will show you that life could be perfect… until you fall in love!

Isabel is an architect whose love destiny was marked since the time when she was celebrating her 18th birthday party at her family’s ranch and a bull attacked her boyfriend, Ruben, ruining him for life. Gone mad by this rather tragic event, Ruben’s mother curses Isabel and warns her that because of what happened to her son, she will never know what the love of a man is. This curse follows her throughout her whole life until the day she runs into Fernando. With him, love will touch her heart again, but fear will make her refuse this new opportunity in her life.

On the other hand, there is Zoe, the perfect housewife. She is “happily” married to Álvaro until one day she catches him in the shower with his male lover. Her first reaction is to jump from a bridge, but she is rescued by Cecilio who falls deeply in love with her. From then on, Zoe spends her life seducing every man she meets out of revenge and the strong need for valuating her outraged femininity.

And finally, there is Lucía, a nun at heart who, after coming back from the last retreat that will get her the vows she needs to fully dedicate herself to God, discovers earthly love in Willy. He will try very hard to make her acknowledge the woman she has inside; however, their situation gets complicated when Lucía learns he is a gigolo.

Each of them will have to overcome different obstacles and fight persistently to achieve happiness and be with the love of their lives...because there are many kinds of love, but there is just one Darling Sweetheart.



207 x 60'

Light Melodrama


Executive Producer: Lucero Suárez - Original Story by: Valentina Párraga - Adapted by Lucero Suárez, Ma. Carmen Sepúlveda, Edwin Valencia, Luis Reynoso - Literary Edition: Ma. Del Pilar Pedroza - Year: 2011

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