Moon Daughters


This is the story of four sisters:  Juana Victoria (23 years old – works at a restaurant – Mexico City), Juana Bárbara (23 years old – boxer – Guadalajara), Juana Soledad (23 years old – palm reader – Monterrey) And Juana Inés (22 years old – aspiring nun – Puebla).  Before the story begins, the only thing linking the four together is a shared birthmark in the shape of the moon.

From her deathbed, Juana Victoria's mother Rosaura reveals that who Juana Victoria believed was her father was not and that her real father is a man named Juan Oropeza, a hotelier from a town near the coast.  Juana Victoria goes to meet him and is shocked to learn that she has a half-brother named Sebastián.  Even more astonishing, she may have three more sisters.

Sebastián and Juana Victoria set out on a journey to find her lost sisters and reunite the four siblings with Juan Oropeza.  They first come across Juana Soledad in Monterrey; she has a tragic past and recently lost her boyfriend.  Next, they visit the boxer Tapatía Juana Bárbara who lives with her mother in Guadalajara, was abused by her stepfather and has an unfaithful boyfriend.  Finally, they find Juana Inés living in a convent; she has given her life to God in an attempt to forget her past.

After convincing the three sisters to come along, Sebastián and Juana Victoria return to the coastal town where Juan Oropeza lives with his wife, Leonora.  Though Juan repents for past mistakes to earn the trust of his daughters, Leonora does everything she can to make them miserable. 

Sebastián is engaged to Estefanía, a beautiful young woman and daughter of the richest man in town.  The arrival of the sisters spells trouble for Sebastián, as he has fallen for Juana Victoria, despite being her half-brother.  Once Estefanía learns of this forbidden love, she shows no mercy on the newly-reunited family.

“Daughters of the Moon” follows the evolution and transformation of four sisters as they discover a new family, getting to know themselves and each other better along the way.  Join them on a journey through adversity where joy and romance triumph over sadness and hopelessness, as they ultimately fulfill their goals and dreams.



82 x 60’

Light Melodrama


Bernardo Romero Pereiro

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