Mita and Mita


Néstor (Martín Altomaro) is a loser who sleeps on the couch, drives an old car, and is provided for by his wife, Olivia (Magaly Boyselle). He is totally broke and is about to lose his marriage; his wife has just filed for divorced (although he claims it was his idea). Just when he is about to be roofless, a sudden stroke of luck changes his destiny; he wins the big one, 200 million pesos coming out of nowhere, just for him. The thing is that, by law, he must split the money with his wife and he is not willing to share his good luck at all, especially with her, whom he kindly hates with all his might.

Self-interest is stronger than the love they used to have for each other. Néstor has a crazy plan: Seducing his wife again, avoiding getting divorce at all cost, and continue living with her just to avert sharing his money. Until he finds a better solution, he prefers to be rich and in bad company, than lonely and half poor.

To have his way, he will rely on his two greatest friends: Silvio (Dino García) and Mariana (Dayamanti Quintanar), who have been his loyal support in good and bad; especially in good.



13 X 30'



Pitipol Ybarra, Joe Rendón y Javi Colinas


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