Miss XV


Valentina and Natalia are best friends, they tell everything to each other and they can always count on one another.  Valentina has a very close family and there are always people at her home; in contrast, Natalia is always on her own and her parents are traveling all the time. Valentina must take good care of her clothes and her make up because there is not much money at home, while Natalia has everything she wants and in the best brands. They are two completely different girls but they have something in common: they both have the same birth date!

Valentina dreams about her 15th birthday party, mainly because then she will be able to become Niko’s girlfriend, her handsome and charming neighbor. For Natalia, it means something completely different: it is the perfect excuse to finally go on a trip with her parents and be a close family. Both know that turning 15 is the passage to stop being a girl and becoming a woman, the ticket to the grownups’ world. But still, sometimes illusions are easy to break.

Debbie’s mask party is a very important event for Niko, because he will play his music for the first time and it is a great opportunity to be seen by an agent; besides, he will dedicate the song to Valentina and declare her his love. During the party, Debbie says terrible things about Niko and Natalia; Valentina gets mad and plays a big prank that goes out of control. It not only causes the cancelation of the party and the ruin of Debbie’s modeling career, but it also frustrates Niko’s presentation. Valentina feels awful, so Alexis, the “bad boy” from the neighborhood, thinks about taking advantage of that.

Despite the disaster in which the party ends, Natalia has an incredible time when she meets Eddy, Valentina’s older brother, who has just arrived from Europe. The attraction is immediate, but what Natalia ignores is that Eddy is an immature youngster, who has been lying to her just to play cool; but the one thing Natalia hates in life are lies.

The next day, Valentina realizes that what she did at the party had dreadful consequences. Someone uploaded the video of Niko’s silly situation and the boy is devastated, so he decides to quit his dream of becoming a singer. To make it worse, Debbie’s career as a model is ruined and this forces famous publicist Marina, Natalia’s mother, to cancel her daughter’s 15th birthday family trip since her campaign was also damaged as a result of Valentina’s mischief. Natalia and Niko end up hating the “unknown” person that has ruined their lives. Alexis is the only one who knows that it was Valentina who caused the disaster at the party, and he uses this to harass and blackmail her until he asks something unexpected for Valentina: he asks her to become his girlfriend.   

The preparations for the 15th birthday of the girls turn into an adventure full of ups and downs, tears and hopes. But a time comes when it gets impossible to continue supporting the lie; Valentina takes the blame and tells the truth. Niko is shattered; he cannot believe it and he lets himself be influenced by Leonora’s intrigues, who finally got to be his girlfriend. Valentina and Natalia fight over some misunderstandings, and both parties are canceled.

A great opportunity appears in their lives: Miss XV, a contest sponsored by an enigmatic character, in which the girls will have to manage on their own in order to win the best 15th birthday party they could ever imagine. The friends become rivals to compete for winning the contest, but their friendship is stronger than anything else, Valentina and Natalia make up and they both win the contest. At the end, they both learn the true meaning of growing up to stop being girls and become women, without losing their essence, desires and dreams.



120 x 60'



Historia Original de: Jorge Durán Chávez - Versión: María Balmori and Pedro Armando Rodríguez - Productor: Pedro Damián - Year: 2012

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