Miss Dynamite


Glamour and dynamite will be the two sides of a single coin. One of them is that of a fantasy, in which a beauty queen will fall in love with a hitman without knowing so. And the other side is that of a nightmare when this hitman will try to leave the criminal life for love, wrapped up in an all-out war between two powerful drug cartels.

Valentina is not the same person ever since her father died. She still wants to be a photojournalist and continues studying Social Communication, she keeps living in the same luxury house with Ivonne, her mother, and is still infuriated with Vicente, her friend and professor, because he always puts his job as a journalist on top of everything and doesn´t dare to win her heart. However, her biggest problem is no longer that her mother keeps insisting her to become a model and beauty queen. Now, she has a fixed idea in her mind: the desire for taking revenge against the hitman who killed her father, Octavio. Valentina doesn´t know yet that what really put her life into a hard spot is that her father showed himself as a prestigious business man when he was in fact the right hand of Don Elías, drug lord of the “Cordillera” cartel.

Although Valentina doesn´t have much information so far, there is a detail on the murderer that disturbs her and she never forgets: a deceitful smile embellished with a golden tooth. She wants to pay this man back more than anything else in the world, but she is not a bad person and she doesn´t even know how to start planning her revenge.

Perhaps the only good thing that happens to her is meeting Miguel, better known in the underworld as M8. His facade is that of an authorized car dealer’s manager, and she feels attracted to him ignoring he is the hitmen’s boss of the “Cordillera” cartel and don Elías’ godson, the boss of the bosses.

Valentina and Miguel begin a love story by the time Mexico City’s mafias (Don Elías’ the “Cordillera” cartel and Don Isidoro’s the “Hermandad” cartel ) prepare to fight for the capital city’s total control. For the “Hermandad”, it all seems easy now that the “Cordillera” lord is about to be extradited and Octavio Cárdenas, the second in command, is death. But don Elías is not willing to give his business away, so he escapes from jail and gets back to take control of his cartel to start the war. From there, he gives Miguel a key order: he can’t come close to Valentina as he would put her at risk.

Either way, Vicente doesn´t approach Valentina as his job separates him from her again: days after Octavio’s death, the magazine Cara y Cruz publishes and article about Vicente referring to him as “Don Elías’ right arm”, and they mention the crime as a possible settling of scores between cartels. Valentina is really affected and Miguel is too interested in her to leave her, so he disobeys Don Elías’ orders and offers her his comfort. He is the only person to whom she confesses her hunger for revenge.

Soon, there is another devastating news for Ivonne and Valentina: the Patrimonial Assets Office temporarily closes the family’s jewelry to investigate if there aren’t any tracks from drug trafficking’s money. Ivonne finally falls into a depression, the family economy goes to a downfall and Valentina is forced to enter the modeling world to cheer her mother up and make some money. Following the same line, she also accepts participating in the beauty contest “Miss Capital”. Now, Vicente also appears to offer his shoulder and this time he seems ready to leap into the void for her as they are no longer professor and student.

Although Valentina struggles between Miguel’s and Vicente’s love, she finally goes after the one who challenges her, the one who makes her tremble: Miguel. He drives her crazy but he also intrigues her due to his recurrent disappearing acts. She doesn’t imagine that all this mystery is because he spends lots of time dealing with the cartels war, so he needs to go bribe, kidnap, torture and murder people.

While Miguel gives free rein to the criminal inside him, Vicente focuses on investigating the mob and is about to discover the identity of a key piece in the “Cordillera” cartel: it appears as Miguel, his friend´s boyfriend, is known in the underworld as M8. Vicente tries to warn Valentina and not only does she disbelieves him but she also alerts Miguel about it. Now the journalist becomes an imperative military target for M8; he would rather not hurt him for the love he feels for his girlfriend, but this is impossible as his secret identity is at risk.

A short time later, Vicente receives his first death threat. However, the journalist doesn’t falter and he goes on until he gets information that leads him to unmask Miguel once and for all. Valentina breaks up with him and from then on M8 goes to secrecy, giving Vicente a chance with her. But Miguel is not ready to lose that woman and he finally manages to call her attention again when he offers her what she wants the most: he can help her find the golden tooth murderer, the one who killed her father.



70 x 60'



Executive Producer: Gabriela Valentá, Daniel Ucrós, Juan Pablo Posada - Original Story by Andrés Montoya, Primetime - Year: 2014

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