M.D.: Life on the line


The "Hospital de Especialidades Médicas" (Medical Specialties Hospital) is one of the busiest hospitals in the country given the amount of emergency care they provide and because it holds the most experienced minds in each branch of medicine.

The story begins when Dr. Lara, the Institute's director, denies admission to a patient during a major emergency t. This decision is the beginning of a series of fateful events, as the patient dies and one of his relatives decides to take revenge on the director.

Faced with the need for a new director, the best candidate is Doctor Gonzalo Olmedo, a renowned neurosurgeon who has devoted his life to providing health and treatment to people in need. Dr. René Castillo, the Institute's Administrative Director, doesn’t welcome Gonzalo's appointment as he used to take personal advantage through secretive dealings with suppliers and laboratories, among other acts of corruption.

As soon as Gonzalo takes office, a flood of mismanagement and irregularities is uncovered which make him understand that the Institute is in a worse situation than he thought, but instead of surrendering, he intends to work hard with his team of specialists to implement a successful care process.

Dr. Regina Villaseñor, a passionate surgeon with a specialty in emergencies, is his right hand in the entire process and Gonzalo appoints her Chief of Emergency Medicine. Regina accepts without imagining the consequences that this will bring to her marriage, as she gets the worst love disappointment of her life, which makes her close completely to love.

In addition to Regina, Gonzalo relies on David, another competitive surgeon who has a big heart behind his rough looks; Arturo, a noble and kind surgeon who lives to help his patients; Rafael, a charming young man specializing in anesthesiology and whose weakness is spending his free time with women; Cinthia, a resident in the traumatology department with a strong and determined temper; Luis, the hospital's cardiologist, an eminence in his field; and Dr. Ana Caballero, the outpatient physician, an obsessive and tough-minded doctor.

Together they become a team, dealing with the most complicated cases and under conditions that are not necessarily ideal. In addition, they have the support of four first-year residents with different personalities, but all of them committed to their profession.

They are all determined to support Gonzalo's efforts to care for his patients, solve the most complex cases and, although they suffer in their personal lives, they are the best at saving the lives of those who need them.



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