Mary of the Heavenly Angels I


This is the story of a young woman whose most cherished dream is to find the love of her life. Disenchanted, she invokes the Heavenly Host to help her find Mr. Right. The angels appear to her in dreams and give her signs to help her locate him; signs which she invariably gets all wrong. One day, she meets her neighbor, Albertano Santacruz, a romantic young man who aspires to become the lead singer in a Grupera music band.

Their romance will be fiercely opposed by Albertano’s overprotective mother, Doña Lucha, who has struggled single-handedly to raise her children and will not allow her darling boy to become trapped by the first common hussy who comes along.

Other members of Doña Lucha’s colorful family are her daughter, Rosa Aurora, who works as a promotional hostess and is the sole support of the household; and Chino, the youngest, still in his teens but actually the smartest and sanest, of the bunch. He must battle with his mother and sibling on a daily basis for his own space, at least for the time it takes him to do his homework.

Mary of the Heavenly Angels lives across the hall from them with her parsimonious grandfather, Don Carmelo, a provincial old timer who owns a store that sells Chinese products. His employees are Betzabe, friend and confidant of Mary, and Delfino, a young communist who feels trapped in the capitalist system, and who owns a PA system that he leases to Mary of the Heavenly Angels so she can call out the daily special bargains and bring in more customers.



13 x 30'



Executive Producer: Víctor André Barrén Díaz - General Producer and Director: Luis Eduardo Reyes - Original Story by: Reyna Margarita Chavez Escalante - Year: 2009

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