Marry Me, My Love


It is a sitcomedy that explores Valeria Mejia’s life, a beautiful woman in her thirties who can´t help running away everytime she gets to the altar. With several weddings cancelled and a collection of engagement rings shut away, she can´t really understand why she is so afraid of committment. Ironically, Valeria is a wedding expert since she runs a catering service business together with her partner and best friend, Alonso.

She strongly believes that the root of her problems is the dysfunctional relationship she has with her parents, Marissa and David, since she hasn't been able to settle down and neither has her brother. For this reason, she has been in therapy for 8 years.

Lead by the hand of her best Friends: Amaya- mother to 4 kids with a sound marriage- and Barbara -the extroverted and open-minded weather girl from a TV cannel- Valeria will try to unveil the origins of her fears, but love will not be as patient with her and soon it will knock at her door again.

Hector, a successful businessman, Sebastian, a daredevil photographer, and Marcelo, a famous comedian who attends the same therapist as she does; all of them are the gentleman haunting Valeria´s heart.

Who will succeed in taking her to the altar?



18 x 30'



Original Idea By Martha Carrillo Perea, Carmen Celia Armendariz Pardo - Adapted by Hector Alejandro Avelica Layva, Alejandra Olvera Avila, Larissa Mariana Andrade Bañuelos - Year: 2013

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