Loving You Is All I Want


Mauro Montesinos is the owner of the coffee plantation called El Paraíso.  Said property he inherited from his dead wife, Elena Carmona, with whom he procreated a daughter, Juliana. As time goes by, he falls in love again with Florencia Martínez, the young owner of some coffee lands next to el Paraíso. However, the love between Mauro and Florencia is impossible because when they are about to marry, Mauro discovers that Lucrecia, an old friend of his, is pregnant with his child. Mauro and Florencia must separate despite their big love. Mauro marries Lucrecia without loving her, and he procreates 4 children with her. Florencia, on the other hand, marries David, el Paraíso's administrator with whom she has a daughter. Over time, Mauro and Florencia admit they are not happy with each other's couples, and they confess that they haven´t been able to forget one another. However, they are fully aware that their love is forbidden and that they mustn't keep their hopes up in order to avoid a misfortune from happening. Lucrecia discovers this feeling one day, and from then on she spends her life trying to finish Florencia off, causing David's crazy jealousy. In a whirlwind of accidents and misunderstandings, Florencia and David die, leaving their little daughter Amaya helpless.

Thirty years pass, and Florencia and Mauro's past is brought back to life when Maximiliano Montesino, (Mauro's son) falls in love with Amaya, Florencia's daughter. Amaya is married and has a daughter; Max is about to marry, but Cupid is up to his old tricks so the love between them is inevitable. Mauro discovers that the woman Max loves is his own big love's daughter. His surprise is such because he is still hoping for finding out that Florencia survived the accident. Mauro is ready to settle his financial and emotional issues with Amaya's parents. César, Mauro's oldest son, notices the importance Amaya has in his father's life and he tries to seduce her and separate her from his brother Max. This causes a big rivalry between the two brothers. Amaya discovers that Lucrecia could be involved in her parents' death and that Mauro took advantage of his mother's death to keep her lands. Amaya must get to the truth now, and take revenge against whoever turns out to be responsible for her parents´ destiny.

Amaya and Maximiliano must have to fight against many hardships in order to discover if their love is stronger than the resentment, the revenge and the hatred originated in the past by their parents and which marked their destiny.



162 x 60'



Producer: Carlos Moreno Laguillo - Scripts : Martha Carrillo/Cristina García - Literary Edition: Fernando Garcilitia/Iván Arguelles - Year: 2013

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