Love Without Makeup


A love story to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Televisa’s Telenovelas

Pina is a recently widowed make-up artist, with a four-year-old son to support, who has moved in with her mother and grandmother. Lupita, her mother, is also a make-up artist, as was Pina’s grandmother Verónica in the early days of the production company Televisa, when it’s first Telenovela, “Forbidden Path,” was aired.

Pina’s dream is to become an accomplished author and in her spare time she studies at Televisa’s School for Writers. She is already working on her first Telenovela, “Hidden Love,” which is based on her own life. Pina is in love with Hector Ibarra, a popular, conceited actor who betrays her in more ways than one. When she refuses to leave her son and move to Miami with him, he not only leaves her for an actress but steals her story, registers it under his own name and sells it to Televisa. With a broken heart, Pina conceals her pregnancy from him and in due time gives birth to a baby girl. Fate once more brings them face to face when Pina is hired to do the make-up for the very Telenovela that Hector has stolen from her.

While this drama is unfolding, another story is also taking place. Lupita was married to a rock singer (Alex), who abandoned her when Pina was a child. After 20 years, Alex returns repentant, only to find that Lupita has another man in her life. Lupita will find herself torn between these two loves and, at the same time, she must deal with the most serious problem she has ever had.

Grandmother Veronica, too, has an important part to play in this story. When Pina decides to write about the history of the Telenovela in Mexico, it is she who will take her granddaughter on a wondrous journey down the pathway of her memories. A young engineer is soon caught up in the project as well. Valentin is a friend of Pina’s who is secretly in love with her, and whom Televisa has been put in charge of editing the 50th Anniversary special to celebrate the Telenovela.

“Love without Makeup” is the riveting drama of three women who work behind the scenes creating star-quality looks for the Televisa actors and actresses that for 50 years have captivated the hearts of viewers all around the world. 



25 x 60'


General Producers: Jorge Eduardo Murguía, Ricardo Pérez Teuffer - Executive Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Associate Producer: Eduardo Meza - Original Story by: Alejandro Pohlenz, Salvador Garcini - Year: 2007

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