Limitless Love


Diego Morán is a tailor by vocation, and a salesman in an exclusive men’s wear boutique. He lives with his girlfriend Valeria, even though their relationship is not very stable. When Valeria decides to leave him, she steals the few valuables they possessed, together with the money Diego had saved to buy a car and the rent money that Diego gave her every month for their apartment. When Diego is evicted from his home, ruined and disappointed, he has no choice but to seek temporary shelter in his parents’ house, where his father’s welcome is far from cordial.

Deserted and robbed by his lover, Diego seeks the moral support of his family, especially his grandfather, who understands him better than anyone. His good friends Isela and Paco also help him get over his failed romance.

Soon after his return to his parents’ house, Diego meets Azul Toscano and falls in love with her. But Azul is already engaged to Mauricio Duarte, a businessman whose successful company is involved in questionable practices.

Diego and Azul grow very close, but circumstances force them to go their separate ways, believing they will never see each other again.

Diego becomes friendly with Silvana Lombardo, a woman who lost her little boy two years ago. Since her son died, no one has been able to convince her that Mauricio was not the one responsible for his death. Silvana is driven to madness by her grief and attempts to kill Mauricio, but Diego intervenes and prevents her from committing a crime, thus saving Mauricio’s life.

From that moment, Mauricio considers Diego his good luck charm and invites him to work for him. Diego refuses, but since Mauricio is used to getting his way, he insists until Diego gives in. Not until he enters Mauricio’s house does Diego realize that Azul, the woman he has not been able to forget, is married to the man who is now his boss, and his only source of income.

At first, Diego does not see anything in Mauricio’s business that might make him suspicious. He is far from happy working for the man who won away the woman he loves, but he accepts his fate. Diego is convinced that Abril must have preferred Mauricio because she found him worthier, and because he gave her a life of comfort and security Diego could not afford.

But in time, Diego gradually realizes the true nature of Mauricio’s business, and his illegal connections with several powerful organizations. But uncovering the truth about Azul’s husband—that he is ruthless and capable of unspeakably cruel and immoral acts—will cost him dearly. In his desperate attempt to alert the authorities, it soon becomes evident that he will never break free of Mauricio; at least... not alive.

Diego has Azul to consider as well. He will not abandon her in the midst of a danger she cannot yet perceive. She has still not realized the kind of monster Mauricio is. And Azul is not the only one in mortal danger; there is also her father, Alfredo Toscano, a brilliant scientist that Mauricio tried to hire even before he met Azul, and whom she finally persuaded to work for her husband.

Mauricio needs Alfredo’s scientific knowledge to carry out one of his most ambitious and lethal plans.

Diego will have to choose between surrendering to his fate or fighting with might and main to save the woman he loves, even if it means doing so from within the pit of hell where they are trapped.

Restricted Territories: Argentina.



125 x 60'



Executive Producer: Angelli Nesma Medina - Associate Producer: J. Ignacio Alarcón - Director: José Rendón - Associate Director: Javier Romero - Year: 2006

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