Love to Death


At 60, León Carvajal decides to marry Lucía Borges, a woman 30 years younger than him. The wedding turns tragic when the famous millionaire is killed in the middle of the celebration. At exactly the same time, convicted murderer El Chino Valdés is executed in the electric chair. Also simultaneously, Beltrán Camacho, a profesor of anthropology, runs his car off the road into a ravine. All three deaths occur at exactly 1 in the afternoon. When León is declared clinically dead, his soul reincarnates into the young and handsome body of Chino Valdés, the fierce hit man. The great tycoon is given the opportunity, through another man’s eyes, to find out who murdered him and why. León will discover that Lucía, his beloved wife, and Johny Corona, his right-hand man, planned everything while in bed, together.



87 x 60'



Leonardo Padrón

Produced by

W Studios

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