Love From The Hood


Paloma and Laura are two friends who went through pain and suffering ever since they were little due to the absence of one of their parents. Both of them grew up full of needs in the same neighborhood; however, this never kept them from dreaming with a better future, promising to themselves they would fight and study hard so that one day they could lift their families out of poverty. Even though life hasn’t been easy for them, joy and romanticism have always characterized them since they are convinced that real love does exist and that they are in fact ready to find it.

Paloma is studying the last semester of Law and her biggest dream is to become a defense lawyer in order to help those who experience the injustice of the legal system, without imagining that her very first case, a woman who is condemned for a crime she didn’t commit, is her own mother’s whom Paloma believes to be death since she was a child as her father always told her so.

Paloma meets Daniel, a prison’s physician, while she is dealing with her first case. There is an immediate chemistry between them which they cannot hide. As a consequence, the everyday coexistence makes Paloma fall in love with Daniel as he is a man with a kind heart. However, Paloma completely ignores Daniel is the son of wealthy Catalina Lopezreina widow of Márquez, responsible for her mother Blanca Estela’s disgrace since Catalina managed to accuse her of her husband’s murder in the past.

Paloma loves Daniel deeply, but Blanca Estela’s case separates them and leads her to Rodrigo’s arms. Daniel will face a dilemma: supporting his mother or trusting Paloma. This conflict will drive him to dig into his mother’s past, discovering the terrible secret she keeps.

On the other hand, Laura falls in love with Raúl Lopezreina, who gets back from London to run his father Ariel’s insurance company. He is Daniel’s cousin, but unlike him, Raúl is a practical man and love is not in his plans. Nevertheless, when he meets Laura, his idea of freedom will start to change and he becomes more acquainted with the responsibility of loving a woman.

The problems will come when, due to a misunderstanding, Laura thinks Raúl is her half-brother since she believes to be the daughter of a wealthy and powerful man.

Two friends, two loves and a family full of terrible secrets that will threat Paloma’s and Laura’s happiness, and yet, none of them will be willing to quit their dreams and their love… their Love from the Hood.



107 x 60'



Original story: Fernanda Villeli, Marissa Garrido


Adaptation and script: Guillermo Quezada C., Enrique Jiménez, María Auxilio Salado P., Lenny Ferro - Literary edition: Elizabeth Salazar - Literary advisor: Alfredo Gudinni Year: 2015

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