Divine Love


Divina is a street child who watches over a group of abandoned kids with whom she coexists as a family at a slum. But the law wants to split them apart and that is why Divina is left with no choice other than hiding the kids.

Upon learning she is seriously ill, Irene resolves to look for her long lost granddaughter, daughter of her son Franco, Brisa’s deceased husband. That girl turns out to be Divina.

Supposedly, Irene is about to be hit by a truck when Divina saves her and they have their first contact this way.

Irene’s husband (Iván Arzuaga,) a despotic and classist man, never accepted his only son’s relationship with Esmeralda, Divina’s mother, since she was poor.

Time after, Franco married Brisa, a woman of his same class in appearance but who is in fact a social climber with whom he had his four children.

Franco and his father died in a car accident five years ago. Now, Irene hopes to provide Divina with the life she was denied and fix the injustice committed to her mother and her in the past for not opposing actively to her husband’s attitude.

Divina didn’t meet her father or his family, but through the stories her dead mother told her, she has nurtured some hatred towards them and she feels that she could never forgive them. As of that encounter, Irene makes a decision: she will adhere to Divina’s wish, and they will try together to get these kids ahead to provide them with a better future.

The first thing she will do is take all of them in her home, causing a great anger in some of the members of her family since they will have to live with Irene’s four grandchildren: Felipe, Catalina, Axel, and Olivia, as well as annoying Brisa, who won’t have any considerations in trying to put the intruders out of the house.

What Divina never pictured is that this will be the place where she will meet the love of her life, Felipe, the boy of her dreams with whom she shares a big passion for music. Felipe’s single flaw is his girlfriend Sofía, who will be a real pain in the neck as she doesn’t like Divina at all.

Life at Irene’s house will be beyond fun as each of the members will go through lots of unforgettable adventures; evidently, in addition to the most important thing: love.



60 x 60'



Category: Serie Teen - Genre: Juvenil / Teen - Writer: Mario Schajris - Associated Producer (Televisa): Pedro Ortiz - Executive Producer (Pol-ka): Paula Granica - Associated Producer (Federation Entertainment): Pascal Breton and David Michel - Year: 2016

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