Lola... Once Upon A Time


This is a story filled with romance and excitement, the story of a modern-day Cinderella called Lola, upbeat and outgoing, who does not wait for a fairy godmother to solve all her problems with her magic wand. Lola will venture out into the world to find her happiness on her own terms. Her greatest joy is to sing and dance with the rock band that she and her friends have formed. Lola is not afraid to try her hand at any new work that comes her way, and, with no experience whatsoever, she manages to get a job as an assistant governess at the impressive Von Ferdinand mansion. After dodging a few not-so-innocent practical jokes, Lola’s vibrant personality wins over the love and trust of her mischievous wards: eight-year-old Otto, Boris, who is 12, Marion (14), and the twins Archie and Marcus who are 17.

The prince in this fairytale is Alexander, the eldest of the Von Ferdinands. Falling in love, however, is the farthest thing from this prince’s mind. His father’s untimely demise has forced Alexander to abandon the pursuit of his Master’s degree—and his dreams—in order to take charge of the family business, and the custody of his younger brothers and sister. He has shut out all joy and tenderness from his heart, and his biggest headache is the rebelliousness of his siblings.

The younger Von Ferdinands discover that Lola sometimes goes AWOL to sing with her band, and they force her to take them along on her next escapade. The kids find in music a feeling of freedom and excitement they were lacking in their rigid upbringing, and ask Lola to help them start their own band. But, because in every respectable fairytale there must be the proverbial bad witch, a dark cloud soon appears in Lola’s blue sky in the form of the evil Montserrat, Alexander’s godmother, whose greatest desire is to have him marry her elder daughter, Carlota, so she can get her hands on the Von Ferdinand fortune. Her main obstacle is Lola, and she is determined to destroy the girl.

“Lola... Once Upon a Time” is a beautiful, heart-warming story for young audiences and their families; a modern fairytale…but with loads of music, laughter, excitement, optimism and, most of all, love.

Restricted Territories: Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Albania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Belarusia, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, all countries of the Asiatic Middle East, all countries of the Persian Gulf, all countries of Africa, Thailand, Singapore and Israel.



225 x 60'



Producer: Pedro Damián - Original Idea By: Cris Morena - Associate Producer: Luis Luisillo Miguel - Director: Juan Carlos Muñoz, Luis Pardo - Year: 2007

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