Sent from Heaven


All of us have wondered if heaven really exists...and if it does, we would like to make sure that once we die we will be getting to that heavenly place. Of course, the best would be to die when he have already done enough!. 

This is why, for Cachito at the age of 25 paradise is on Earth, next to his family and Renata, the woman whom he is about to marry. However, life has many surprises ahead for him: an unexpected woman, a heaven like he never imagined and the chance to return to earth ...but in someone else´s body!

Cachito a young man who has it all: a beautiful family, very good friends, a promising future as a professional soccer player and he is about to marry beautiful sports reporter Renata Landeros, the love of his life. However, everything changes when an unexpected and absurd event leads him to heaven´s threshold where he is received by two absentminded angels who, behind God´s back, manage this department at their own pleasure.

Ariel and Ezequiel, while checking on their files, notice that they made a “little” mistake and inform Cachito it was not his time to die yet; that´s why they decide to send him back to Earth, but they need to do so using another person´s body....Salvador´s, the new priest in Cachito´s neighborhood.

With this second chance, Salvador will do everything he can to reunite with his beloved ones, but now as a priest things will get very complicated for him.

Will he be able to win Renata back and return as his... Sent from Heaven? 



110 x 60'



Original Story by: Mario Schajris - Scrips and Version: Aída Guajardo - Co-Adapted by: Berenice Cárdenas - Literary Editor: Gerardo Pérez Zermeño - Producer: Giselle González and Roberto Gómez Fernández - Year: 2012

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