Laws Of Love - S2


Vega y Asociados is under attack, which puts its lawyers’ life at risk; after Isabel’s death and Jaime’s kidnapping, a new murder attempt against Alonso alerts everyone to care for one another.

Regardless of the aggressions they undergo, the lawyers keep on tracking Jacinto Dorantes, who is still a fugitive. Although they are united, there are wounds they haven’t healed yet. Alejandra is vulnerable due to her father's kidnapping. She ignores that, in order to help her release Jaime, Carlos is getting too involved with "El Ciego" and obtains Jaime’s freedom. Alejandra offers him her eternal gratitude, but not her love.

Ricardo and Alejandra can finally live their so longed love. However, they ignore that the help Carlos gave to “El Ciego” gained him ground over his rivals, something “El Ciego” benefits from and breaks out a tragedy.

New lawyers arrive to the firm, like Sofía, a criminal lawyer who becomes the firm’s main support, as she is the only one with the strength needed to move the firm forward. Most importantly, she is the one who can prove Ricardo that, even though life has taken from him the right to love, the only law that love obeys is the one pronounced by the heart.



91 x 60’



José Alberto Castro, Fernando Garcilita and Vanesa Varela.

Produced by

Televisa, S.A. de C.V.

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