Laws of Love


Imagine that the people who fight for justice are the ones who need it more. They too suffer in love, at work, in their personal relationships; they suffer even more than those they defend in the courts of Mexico City.

This story takes place at the “Vega y Asociados” law firm, where Mexico’s top lawyers struggle to bring justice to all those they represent. They are Ricardo, Leonardo, Roberto, Olivia, Victoria, Benjamín, and Leticia, headed by renowned lawyer Alonso Vega. Here is where their personal stories merge with the cases they stand up for.

Ricardo and Alejandra are two civil attorneys, and living proof that ethics and integrity exist. First and foremost, they fight to give support, guidance, and comfort to those going through hard times; whether it is a divorce, a guardianship lawsuit, or any other legal problem that could make those who are experiencing it feel like their world is falling apart. They live in a world where love seems to end by signing a divorce certificate, a world where happy endings don’t exist. All the same, they still have faith in finding true love. 

It all begins when Alejandra is about to marry criminal attorney Carlos Ibarra. But she cannot imagine that the happiest day of her life would turn into a nightmare, as Carlos is arrested upon arriving to the church, accused of murder. To Alejandra’s surprise, everything in the investigation points at Carlos as the murderer of a stripper who was at his bachelor party the night before. On top of that, Alejandra learns through the investigation that he had sex with the dancer. So, in the blink of an eye, everything she believed about love and Carlos simply crumbles.

Alejandra is heartbroken and in deep sorrow knowing that the man she thought was the love of her life is in prison.

Simultaneously, Ricardo, one of the prestigious Vega law firm’s partners, faces the same process many of his clients go through – he is getting divorced from his wife, Elena Fernández, after she cheated on him. The hardest part for Ricardo is separating from Elena’s children, whom he raised from childhood and sees as his own, and loves with all his heart.

Despite their personal problems, Alejandra and Ricardo must keep working. When they accept a polemic case of a minor’s legal recognition, both will have to prove their skills. This is the case that will finally bring them together. They end up making an excellent team and Ricardo offers her a position in his law firm. Little by little, a solid love grows between them.

Unfortunately, with Carlos in jail, Alejandra can’t fully give in to Ricardo’s love. She feels guilty for being happy while the supposed love of her life, Carlos, is in prison.

What she didn’t expect is that Carlos strategically asks Leonardo and Roberto, the best criminal attorneys at Vega y Asociados, to take his case.

Leonardo and and Roberto free Carlos just when Ricardo and Alejandra were most in love. But the case is not closed since Carlos was freed due to the lack of evidence and not because he proved his innocence.

Alejandra faces a huge predicament now, since Carlos is not willing to lose her and is ready to do anything to win her love back and alienate her from Ricardo.

After several issues and disagreements, Ricardo and Alejandra discover that there is no law that tells how to love, such law can only be dictated by the heart.



92 x 60'



Mónica Agudelo, Felipe Agudelo, Ricardo Sarmiento and Natalia Santa

Produced by

José Alberto Castro

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