Soul of Steel


This exciting Telenovela, full of anecdotes and hilarious situations, tells a story about the Hierro (Steel) family.

Jose Antonio Hierro (Steel) is a kind-hearted, easy going man whose greatest defect is his excessively jealous nature. Everyone addresses him by his last name, “Hierro” (Steel), even his wife of 25 years, Elena. They have three children: Sebastian, Sandy and Wicho, and they live in a modest but comfortable house located in back of their delicatessen shop. Hierro (Steel) is a hard-working man who must also share his home with Mimicha and Paty (Elena’s mother and sister), Angel (his brother), and Ezequiel, a homeless boy they rescued from the streets and love as a son.

Sebastian lost his eyesight at age ten, and Elena left her job as a teacher to help him adapt to his new circumstances. Today he has a degree in History and teaches this subject at the high-school where his brother Wicho is studying. There, he meets a charming young rebel called Renata.

Sandy is a medical student, and her father’s pride and joy. She feels that her real vocation lies in dancing and show-business, but she knows that her father would never allow it. However, she has the full support of her grandfather, Don Ignacio, who discovered at age 40 that he was truly a homosexual and decided not to hide this fact from his family and society. Hierro (Steel) has not spoken to him in 30 years and blames him for the grave illness that took his mother’s life.

Wicho is an immature young man, fun-loving and undisciplined. He is still clueless about his life and feels that no one pays attention to him at home.

Both Sebastian and Wicho fall in love with the same girl, Renata, the rebellious teenager who turns out to be the daughter of Saul Higareda, the man that Elena was about to marry when she met Hierro (Steel). Although he married another woman a few years later, Saul was never able to forget Elena. Today he is divorced and back in Mexico. He has been appointed to a high position in the Department of Education and offers Elena a job in his team. He is determined to win her back and is ready to do whatever it takes. He even accepts the fact that Wicho is crazy about his daughter. However, Renata has fallen deeply in love with Elena’s other son, Sebastian.

Mimicha, who comes from a wealthy family but is now penniless, has never forgiver her daughter Elena for marrying the “sausage peddler,” so she is quite in favor of her leaving him for Saul. However, when Elena proves to be difficult to persuade, she decides that her other daughter, Paty, would make a perfect wife for the rich politician. This new turn of events breaks Angel’s heart. He has fallen in love with Paty and believes they were born for each other, since neither of them has ever done a day’s work and they both enjoy the same things, like being supported by other people. Paty uses her charm and her aristocratic background, and Angel is a very skilled con man, always ready to make a quick buck.

Very soon, Saul’s world is turned upside-down when Elena’s three children storm into his life, and when Hierro (Steel) fights back to defend his marriage, because the Hierros (Steels) are more than able to protect the people they love. The trouble between the two younger Hierros (Steels) begins when they both have to vie with each other for Renata’s affection, and become involved in an amusing love triangle that Rita, Sebastian’s assistant, tries to break. She is completely and obsessively in love with Sebastian, and wants him for herself.

Love triangles multiply, here and there, young and adult, to break up and re-form in an endless web that changes shape unexpectedly with every decision they make and every reaction. Until an unexpected event brings matters to an end, and the lessons that life had in store for them have made each member of this unusual family grow stronger and wiser, turning them into souls of steel.



393 x 30'



Producers Roberto: Gómez Giselle González - Original Story: Adrián Suar - Written by: Marcela Geraghty, Ricardo Rodriguez - Adapted by: Ximena Suárez, Aída Guajardo, Marcela Marta Geraghty, Rosa Salazar - Year: 2008

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