In The Name Of Love


“In the Name of Love” is a period piece in the sense that it highlights the values and traditions of old provincial Mexico, but in the present day. It is a story that delves deeply into the everyday lives of its characters, baring their secret emotions, feelings, motives and reasons for living. 

“In the Name of Love” tells the story of two sisters, Macarena and Carlota, who must pay dearly, with pain, loneliness and resentment, for having fallen in love with the same man, and the consequences of that love in their autumn years. It is also the story of two girls, Paloma and Romina, whose friendship—born in their childhood—will be put to the test in their teenage years, with the arrival of first loves, jealousies, envy and rivalry. 

Paloma is a child who loses her parents in a tragic accident and must go live in the house of her two spinster aunts, Macarena and Carlota. Macarena is loving and caring, and soon forms a warm bond with her niece; whereas Carlota is repressive and domineering, and seems to enjoy making Paloma’s life miserable. The two aunts guard a family secret that will have a major influence in the life of Paloma. When the secret finally comes to light, everything will change for her.

Paloma thinks she has found true love with Iñaki, and is making wedding plans with him. But her aunt Carlota ruthlessly puts an end to this love forever. Paloma feels she will never be able to love again, because love was not made for her…until Emiliano’s presence changes her life. Emiliano, however, is her best friend Romina’s boyfriend. He is also despised by her aunt Carlota, which puts their love in jeopardy. Nonetheless, Emiliano will fight with every ounce of his being to be with Paloma… But will it be enough? 





170 x 60'


Executive Producer: Carlos Moreno Laguillo - Associate Producer: Hilda Santaella Hernández - Writers: Carmen Peña, Cuauhtémoc Blanco - Year: 2008

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