In Love with Ramón


Fabiola and Andrea become orphans when their parents die in a plane crash. Both of them, as well as their grandmother, Hortensia, are shocked when they learn that the beneficiary of their parents’ inheritance is precisely Juana, the poor woman who works as their nanny.

The entire Medina family is outraged by the news and they push Juana to give them the insurance money. She is tired of everyone’s selfishness and she clears it up to them that she won’t allow anyone to distribute the money because she will do it herself keeping in mind Andrea and Fabiola’s well-being. Hortensia kicks Juana out of the house not anticipating her grandchildren would stand up for her, but eventually they get to throw her out.

Juana is not interested in money as her biggest concern is her son Ramón, a generous boy who used to work in a small town as a mechanic but had to move to the Capital city after falling in love with Sofia, the daughter of a mafia boss, who is forced to break Ramón’s heart and required him to leave in order to protect him from her father.

Ramón arrives to Luisa and Dalia’s house, surprising Juana big time. She updates him with the news about her bosses’ death and the “million dollars” reward. Ramón suggests his mother to give the insurance money away to the Medinas to avoid getting in trouble with them.

Dalia takes Ramón to Antonio’s workshop to apply for a job and, to his surprise, he meets with Fabiola there, who never misses an opportunity to make him feel miserable telling him she is the owner and is not planning to hire him.

Despite their differences, there is a special chemistry between them and they can’t hide the love and hate they feel for each other, which creates conflicts to her and her relationship with Francisco since he gets crazy jealous every time he sees them together.

Fabiola accepted to work at the workshop out of ambition. Ramón unmasks her making her admit in front of Juana that she only started working at the workshop to receive money from the life insurance. Feeling uncovered, Fabiola decides to continue working to prove she really is responsible.

The daily coexistence develops a growing attraction between Fabiola and Ramón, to the point that they can’t hide their feelings any longer; but things become difficult when Sofía shows up looking for Ramón. This time she is not ready to let go of him and is determined to recover him, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Hortensia turns to several lawyers in an attempt to refute the document designating Juana as the beneficiary of the Medinas’ life insurance, and also to argue that the signature in the policy is fake accusing Juana of forgery. She doesn’t mind losing the insurance just to see Juana ruined.

This way, while Juana struggles with Hortensia’s attacks, Ramón is between two women who are in love with him and will fight with all their might to win his love.



117 x 60’



Doris Seguí

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