Oath of Love


Violeta Madrigal, a lovely young woman, lives in the small town of Puerta del Cielo (Heaven’s Gate) with her parents, Amado and Antonia, and her siblings Julio, Lia and Daniel. Her family was one of the wealthiest in town, but when they lost their fortune, the townspeople showed their true colors. Where before they were kind and respectful, now they were mean and insulting.

Justino Fregoso is the most powerful and evil person in town. He gained his riches through shady dealings that gradually brought down Empresa de Cobre, the Madrigal family business. The two people who benefited the most from this situation were his wife Malena, who basks in her newly acquired status as a society woman; and his daughter Mariela, never misses an opportunity to humiliate Violeta. However, in Amado’s mind, the one truly responsible for his downfall is not Justino but Mariano Lazcano, his own cousin. They had been partners in the coppersmith business until Mariano took back his investment when Antonia broke off their engagement to marry Amado, the man she really loved. Amado’s resentment grew and he passed it on to his children, especially to Julio and Violeta. Mariano married Leonora, but his family life turned out to be very different from what he had dreamed of. Theirs is a loveless marriage, and their children—Renato, Pablo and Ivana—are self-centered and emotionally distant.

After the death of her father, Violeta’s life grows even more difficult; she will have to struggle against all odds to fulfill the promise she and her brother made on Amado’s deathbed: to work and lift their family out of poverty. Mariela Fregoso will taunt her at every turn and vie with her for Max’s attention. Max is a shameless rake that has dazzled Violeta with his charm. She thinks she is in love with him until she meets Jose Maria, a decent, hard-working and very likable young man who knows at first sight that Violeta is the girl of his dreams and is determined to win her heart. Young and inexperienced, Violeta is easily swayed by Max’s false promises and personality, and she is sure that he is the one she loves. But Jose Maria will not give up.

With her love life still unresolved, Violeta sees her family’s fortune take a turn for the worse. Circumstances force them to go live with Mariano’s family in the city. There, they must put up with the open hostility of Fausta (Leonora’s aunt), who will take a perverse pleasure in watching them suffer with her twisted little games and evil intrigues. It will be a harsh maturing process for the young Madrigals, but they have each other to lean on, and that counts for a lot.

“Oath of love” is a story that explores the many facets and flavors of love: the new, bitter-sweet taste of teenage love; the salty tears of lost love; the hot, addictive taste of passion, and the acrid flavor of betrayal. Feigned love that destroys, selfless love that encourages and protects. True love that has no attachments, that does not lie, that thrills, and teaches us how to trust, and give, and live.



140 x 60'



Executive Producer: Martha Patricia López de Zatarain - Co-Producer: Marco Vinicio: Original Story by: Liliana Abud, Carmen Daniels - Year: 2008

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