I Declare Me Guilty


Franco Urzúa is a prestigious lawyer with an extended and successful career. He is married to Roberta, a beautiful and wealthy woman who is tormented by the bipolar disorder she has suffered since childhood. Franco and Roberta have a daughter, Natalia, who is Franco’s most precious jewel.

Despite all his success, money and fame, Franco’s life is empty. His marriage with Roberta has fallen into routine and turned into a loveless relationship; nevertheless, it is hard for him to consider divorce as an option since he is part of the prestigious law firm owned by his father in-law, Mauro, whom he worships and truly cares for.

Life brings Franco face to face with the hardest and most challenging of trials: defending Alba Garza, a devoted and loving wife who got her husband disconnected from the life-support equipment that kept him alive as he was terminally ill. But losing her freedom is the price she will pay for her choice. Desperate to see her son Santiago again and with no money to pay herself a lawyer, Alba begs Franco to help her. He gets moved by her story and accepts taking her case. Thanks to his talent and deep knowledge of law, Franco has Alba released on parole. 

Upon leaving jail, Alba tries to recover her son and take him away from Ingrid, her sister in-law who assumed the legal responsibility for Alba’s son and hates her for ending her brother’s life. Alba fights hard to recover her son, but Ingrid tries to prevent her from achieving it at all costs, even getting a restraining order. With Franco’s help, Alba wins each and every one of the battles against Ingrid and finally she can approach her son again and start rebuilding a relationship with him.

Alba and Franco start getting in touch too often, and although the circumstances around them are adverse, their frequent coexistence leads them to inevitably fall in love with each other.

But a woman whose heart has been broken is capable of anything, and more so if she suffers a mental illness, that´s why Roberta won’t give up her husband so easily. She will dare to do the unthinkable just to keep him with her.

On the other hand, Natalia, Franco and Roberta’s daughter, is a nice girl with a good moral. She is Julián’s girlfriend, a man who is with her out of convenience.

Natalia’s life changes radically after she runs over a man. She wants to take responsibility for her action and tell her father about it, but Julián and Roberta stop her from doing so, arguing he would be sorely disappointed by this. Fearful, Natalia remains silent and tormented by the guilt about what happened, ignoring that Paolo, the boy with whom she falls madly in love, is in fact the guy she hit with her car.

All the same, Franco will remain a strong man of faith, determination, and persistence, who won’t stop until he gives Alba her freedom back and brings his own heart to life, fighting for his new love and her cause.

Paolo and Natalia will prove that hatred and love are both part of the same scale and it is up to them to shift it to their side.

Love, hatred, manipulation, and lies will make this story unique, proving that each one of us are responsible for our own fate.



62 x 60’



Claudio Lacelli and Carolina Parmo


Category: Telenovela - Genre: Melodrama - Executive Producer: Angelli Nesma - Adaptation: Juan Carlos Alcalá - Co-Adaptation: Rosa Salazar, Fermín Zúñiga and Graciela Ernestina Izquierdo Flores - Year: 2017

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