Andrea is a sophisticated woman and professional con artist who uses her beauty, intelligence and charm to trick her victims. At a young age, she had a passionate affair with her boyfriend Gonzalo, who dumped her to marry Helena out of convenience. Very hurt and enraged, Andrea hid her pregnancy from him, and from then on, she decided never to fall in love again. To make up for the misery and humiliation she received, she decides to get money at any price.


Currently, she has an ally in the United States named Olinka, who gives her information on Tyler Somers, the world’s largest producer of Idaho quality potatoes. Tyler, who was an adopted son, is determined to find his biological mother; the only information he has about her is that her name is Matilde Rojas and that she is Mexican.


Andrea implements a master plan to make the American believe that he has found his biological mother, and she contacts him, saying that she is his sister and that his real mother is eager to see him, along with his entire family. The clever con artist hires seven people smothered in debt to be part of the fake family. A year will be enough time to steal his last penny. Her current lover, Rene Fajardo, will assist her with everything by receiving a percentage of the large profits. 


Things will get more complicated when "family" members begin to have crises in their respective homes which jeopardize the farce. Andrea manages to save these situations with her talent and never gives up hope that her big scam will be a success, but having really fallen in love with her victim, Tyler Somers, she will be faced with the choice of quitting her plan or giving up on love.



127 x 60'

Melodrama with a comedy touch

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