I Don't Trust Men Anymore


Maria Dolores is a poor girl with noble feelings and a great talent for tailoring haute couture dresses. When her father is murdered, she must take on the responsibility of getting her family ahead, but right before her father´s dead, she had just quit the haute couture shop where she was working, tired of the harassment she was going through by Jacinto, her immediate supervisor. Now, Maria Dolores must consider to go back and work in the shop again since her mother Esperanza´s and her sister Clara´s future depends on her.

When she makes the decision of reporting Jacinto, she meets Maximiliano Bustamante, an attractive and very honest lawyer who was deeply captivated by her beauty, and offers to help her with the harassment. Even when there is attraction between them, both are emotionally engaged with other people. He is about to marry Maleny, a high society, spoiled and capricious girl who doesn´t really love him and is cheating on him with her tennis trainer. Maria Dolores is dating Daniel Santibañez, an unscrupulous junior who is lying to her since he is in fact engaged with Ivana, a young millionaire who is not very attractive but who will help him avoid his family´s bankruptcy.

Daniel wants to sleep with Maria Dolores before marrying Ivana at any cost, but he knows the only way to do that is by marrying her, so he organizes a “fake” wedding. Even though Daniel realizes that he is in fact in love with Maria Dolores, he is pushed by his mother to marry Ivana and abandons Maria Dolores to her own fate, leaving her pregnant. 

On the other hand, Maximiliano breaks his engagement with Maleny when he discovers she is not the woman he thought she was since he learns about the relationship she has with Ari.

Maria Dolores tries to move on with her life and get the baby she is expecting ahead, but Daniel keeps looking for her to maintain the relationship with him. In an outburst, Daniel attempts to rape her, but Julian, a friend and old love of Maria Dolores, tries to protect her and Daniel ends up killing him and blaming her for his death. Ivana witnesses the murder, but she doesn´t say anything because she thinks Maria Dolores is a bad woman. Thus, Maria Dolores is send to jail where she delivers her son, who she gives to Esperanza and Maximiliano begging them to protect him.

Despite Maximiliano´s efforts, Daniel gets to keep the custody of the child.

Maximiliano will devote his life to prove Maria Dolores´ innocence, what he doesn´t imagine is that during that process they will both realize that they are in love. Ivana is the only person who could free Maria Dolores; so she accepts to testify against the real murderer only if Maximiliano marries her.

Maria Dolores recovers her freedom, but her happiness is stained when she finds out that Maximiliano has also betrayed her and will marry another woman. She can only understand Maximiliano´s sacrifice until her mother and sister explain the reason why he did what he did. Now, Maria Dolores is ready to fight tirelessly against her rival to recuperate her son and the man she loves, who will give her back the trust and the desire for loving and believing in men again.



122 x 60'



Original Story: Caridad Bravo Adams - Free Version: Aída Guajardo


Executive Producer: Giselle González - Year: 2014

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