I Dare You To Leave


This is a heartbreaking story in which power, envy, selfishness and desire for ownership will tragically mark the deep love Paulina and Adrián feel for each other and who, against all odds, will fight for their love even if it costs them their very lives.

Paulina is the daughter of Gonzalo Murat, a rich hotel businessman who won’t accept her courtship with Adrián since he thinks he is beneath her social status.

On the other hand, Julieta, Adrián’s sister tries to control his life and disagrees with his relationship with Paulina as she will never let him marry the daughter of her father’s murderer.

All this, jeopardizes Paulina and Adrián’s relationship and future wedding. Truth is, Julieta is right. Gonzalo defrauded her father, but he will never accept it since he holds a reputation and shows the image of an impeccable man in the present; however, he is far from being flawless.

Despite it all, Adrián and Paulina keep defending their relationship with some help mostly from Camilo, who holds an eternal crush for Paulina and chooses to support them only to see her happy. However, on the wedding day, Julieta gets her hands on a document that confirms that Gonzalo committed the fraud she accused him of, and in exchange of keeping him out of jail, she forces Paulina to not marry her brother. Paulina tells Adrián that she doesn’t love him enough to leave everything behind for him. Heartbroken, Adrián goes to London.

Paulina is completely shattered and takes shelter in little Mauricio, who is an orphan and a born-deaf who she cares for as if he was her own son. When she finds out she is pregnant, Paulina goes to London in search of Adrián, but she is led to believe that he is now in another relationship, so she keeps the pregnancy to herself and accepts marrying Camilo who will later provide a last name for her daughter, little Valentina. Paulina´s fate is once more marked by pain, since Camilo dies in an accident.

After a while, Adrián realizes Valentina is his daughter and Paulina is on her own, so he returns to Mexico with the firm intention of finding and marrying her, but on the wedding day Julieta shows up and shoots Paulina and Adrián killing them both.

Years go by and now Valentina is a beautiful young woman. Mauricio becomes her best friend, despite being in love with her since the time they were children, but Paulina sees him as a brother. She believes her true love is the one who writes her beautiful things through a blog, but one day discovers that this man is in fact Mauricio. That very moment, Valentina realizes that the one she loves and always has is Mauricio.

Valentina and Mauricio’s happiness is jeopardized, since Julieta won’t accept even Paulina’s daughter to be happy and will be willing to do anything to break them apart, even by repeating her past deeds.



142 x 60'



Script: Martha Carrillo and Cristina García


Executive Producer: Carlos Moreno Laguillo

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