Holy Matri-Money


Carlos Fernández de León is a gambler, a party-goer and an irresponsible man who lives off his father's money. His father decides to leave his fortune to Carlos upon his death on one condition: he must have a wife to settle down, otherwise everything goes to his cousin Diego, an ambitious man ready to do anything for money. The dispute over the inheritance is then between Carlos and Diego.


Carlos decides to marry in order to comply with this condition and hires Deyanira, a waitress with two brothers to feed and plenty of financial problems. It all seems right. They get married, then divorce and everyone wins.


But... parents know their children well and Carlos' dad is no exception. So, he puts a clause in the will stating that after getting married he must stay married for at least 5 years. Very wisely, Carlos' father has it read after the wedding to avoid his son's cheating. Should this situation not be fulfilled, the inheritance passes to Diego.


Deyanira then comes to live in the mansion bringing her brothers and all her neighborhood's friends.


The new life in the Fernández de León mansion thus becomes a trigger for the most amusing stories between two opposite worlds that should pretend to be compatible as a couple. Especially in front of Diego, the ambitious cousin who will do his best to prove that this union is a farce and keep the Fernández de León fortune for himself.


This is the story of Deyanira and Carlos, a happy couple... Holy Matri-Money.



1st. Season 13 x 30'


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