Hearts To The Limit


Diana and Braulio love each other... Two teenagers who explore life and love with the timid intensity of 17 year olds. Braulio, handsome, intelligent and athletic, commands the rowing team of the "Nova Atenas" High School, an innovating school that promotes the values and the excellence among the youngsters. Diana is the ideal mate for Braulio, equally positive, studious and hard working. Both are born leaders and, along with their classmates, live the adventures of every new day with enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism.

Day after day we will live the fascinating story of this young group of friends, each one with their own problems and joys; all facing the dangers of today’s young world: alcoholism, drug addiction, bad decisions; as well as their incredible and fun adventures inside and outside the school; the adrenalin explosion of extreme sports, the energetic rhythm of their music; the conflicts, the tenderness and the dramas of their family life.

So is the case of Braulio’s family life. He lost his parents at 12 and lives with his uncles and his cousin Esteban, an ambitious man who hates him. Esteban plans, with lies and traps, are to seize Braulio’s inheritance, and worse of all, take his place in Diana’s heart so he can become the sole owner of her father millionaire company.

Doménico, Diana’s father, is a cold and rigid man who rejects her for being a woman and demands her to prove him that she is capable of obtaining academic excellence without his money or support. Diana, brave and competitive, accepts the challenge; she goes to live with her mother’s sister, her aunt Pilar, and works to make a living and to pay for her education. Pilar is an independent and generous woman who loves her like a daughter and supports her unconditionally, because she wants Diana to avoid the same destiny that she had, to have lost the only love of her life, Alvaro, because of the social prejudices of her father.

Alvaro is now the owner and director of the “Nova Atenas” High School. Life will offer him a new opportunity to find happiness when he reunites again with Pilar, but his love will be threatened by Emma, his partner, who wants to marry him and becomes furious when she sees the couple together, recurring to the worse intrigue to separate them.

Also Diana and Braulio’s love is in danger by Conny’s jealous and arrogant nature. She is an envious girl who dreams about being Braulio’s girlfriend and becomes allied with Emma to obtain her whim. But in the middle of a storm of lies and blackmail, Braulio and Diana will count with the support and affection of their friends, healthy, vibrant and positive teenagers, united by the firm bows of a friendship that will last forever.

We will share with them the joy of being young, the pride to prevail, the bitterness of failure and the decision of not letting anything defeat them. Also we will live their passion for danger and that confusing but intense emotion of the first love. They are... "Limitless Hearts".



145 x 60'



Executive Producer: Roberto Hernandez Vazquez, Nicandro Díaz - General Director: Claudio Reyes Rubio, Stage Director: Sergio Cataño - Camera Director: Vivian Sánchez Ross, Armando Zafra - Year: 2004

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