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It is the story of two families who get in touch through Nicolás, Elena and Ernesto's adopted son. Elena, Ernesto and Nicolás used to be a happy family, until Nicolás was diagnosed with leukemia. The story begins when the family finds itself in a desperate situation. Nicolás is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant, after receiving several chemo sessions, but none of the members of his adoptive family are compatible with him, so Ernesto and Elena, are in need of finding their son's biological parents. They are unable to find Sofia, his mother, but they do find a close friend. She provides them with Pedro's details, warning them that he is not aware that he had a child, since Nicolás is the fruit of a random encounter between Pedro and Sofia; since she didn't want any engagement with him, she hid it from him and gave it up for adoption when the child was born.

Pedro is a mechanic who works in Nelson's workshop, his girlfriend Gina’s father. Pedro studied automotive engineering, but he had to leave school to help his family. However, he continues preparing himself as he has a great talent, besides repairing competition cars, restoring old cars and making extreme tuning.

Ernesto and Elena show up at the workshop, they tell Pedro that they need his help because he is the biological father of their son Nicolás and he urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. Pedro is shocked by the news since he didn’t know he had a son, he is conflicted because he believes that they are lying to him, but he allows them to do a DNA test to verify his paternity. The test result is positive, which moves him, and he prepares to have a compatibility test done with Nicolás, which is also positive. Pedro doesn't hesitate to become a donor. Ernesto and Elena thank him deeply, but ask him not to have any relationship with Nicolás, which Pedro accepts, confident that Nicolás has a life made with his adoptive family and he has no place in it.

But destiny dictates otherwise. Nicolás insists on meeting the person who donated him the marrow and what at first was a "you donate and you leave”, becomes a need to share with each other, due to the great empathy that arises between them out of their love of cars (the boy ignores that he is his father). For this reason, the meetings between Elena, Pedro and Nicolás become frequent, something that Ernesto finds unpleasant and requires Pedro to step out of his family's life. All he gets is Elena to turn against him because of his lack of gratitude towards Pedro and his arrogant and classist attitude.

Meanwhile, Andrea, Nicolás' adoptive grandmother, is also annoyed by her daughter's closeness to Pedro, as she thinks he wants to benefit from them and get money out of them. While Esther, Pedro's mother, is thrilled to learn that she has a grandson and wants to meet him, something that Domingo, her husband, strongly opposes as he thinks they shouldn't intervene in the child's life. However, after some casual meetings, Domingo finally gets to know his grandson, who immediately wins his heart.

Ernesto is a business administrator, he came to Horacio's (Elena's father) Hardware Store and was promoted thanks to his business skills. Soon he became his partner and right-hand. He is an unscrupulous man, who has been dedicated to increase his fortune through fraudulent means, besides hiding his origin which masks an identity theft.

Pedro is engaged to Gina, but since he met Elena, he has had a terrible struggle with the feelings she evokes in him. Domingo makes him realize that he shouldn't be thinking about a married woman, who is from a different class, and even less about clinging to a child that is not of his own. Elena's relationship with Pedro is also very confusing, as she finds in him the support she lacks in her husband, and she is very attracted to him. Elena has a catering company, where her sisters, Gabriela and Irene, work. She has always been in love with Ernesto.

Samuel (Peter's younger brother) studies law and is forced to look for a part-time job. He ends up working at Elena's catering as an assistant, unaware that she is the owner. As soon as he arrives, Gabriela feels a great attraction for him, but she is not interested in a lasting relationship, she just wants to have fun. Samuel's formality strikes her, so she insists on making him change that. She ends up falling in love with him.

Horacio (Elena's father) has been in a serious relationship with Monica, his assistant, for some time and decides to tell his family, which leads to a divorce from Andrea, his wife. In reality, Andrea's frivolous and classist nature, as well as her constant demands, have cooled down a long-standing relationship to the point that Andrea lives only for her little domestic intrigues and obsessions. As a result, Horacio is estranged from his family and his business. Taking advantage of this, Ernesto becomes "the man of the family" from which he receives all support. But Elena, is more and more convinced that she wants to divorce him, and to prevent it, Ernesto gives Elena a drug, which causes her to lose control of her actions, putting Nicolás' life at risk. Through this, Ernesto threatens her with taking away Nicolás if she doesn't stop seeing Pedro. Elena has a car accident under the influence of the drug Ernesto supplies to her, while she is taking Nicolás to the dentist. The expert's report shows that she was driving under the influence of addictive substances, so Ernesto starts a legal process, requesting Nicolás' custody, backed by Irene, who doesn't mind crushing her sister as long as she keeps Ernesto. Finally, the judge grants custody to Ernesto and he spends his time poisoning Nicolás' soul, revealing to him that Pedro is his biological father and abandoned him, causing the child to reject Pedro.


At the same time Gina tells Pedro that she is pregnant, he assumes that he is the father, since he ignores that Gina got involved with Agustin, his best friend, and he is the father of the baby she is expecting. Agustín is a good man, he has always been in love with Gina, which he has kept to himself out of respect for his friend. However, when Pedro breaks up with Gina he sees an opportunity to get close to her, and what to her is just a hobby, to him is the love of his life. Gina not only plays with Agustín's feelings, but she forces him to keep what happened in secret, threatening him with losing her and Pedro's friendship if he says anything. Agustín assumes that the child is not his. Pedro feels very responsible and decides to marry Gina, something that breaks Elena's heart, but she understands it. Ester (Pedro's mother), insists that he should not marry Gina if he is not in love with her, that he should take responsibility for the child, but that he should not marry because that relationship is destined to fail. Nicolás is again between life and death. Elena and Pedro learn that the cancer has come back into the boy's life. Ernesto literally has him kidnapped and denies him the necessary medical attention, so Elena, files a lawsuit and manages to take the child away from him to provide him with proper care. The rejection that Nicolás feels towards Pedro, instilled by Ernesto, changes when he sees that Pedro is always by his side when he needs it and that he has loved him ever since he met him. He reconciles with him, not only accepting him as his biological father, but loving him as such.

Horacio and Monica discover that Ernesto is not who he claims to be and is stealing from the Hardware Store. Feeling cornered, he runs away, but he is finally caught by the police and put on trial, ending up in jail. Gina confesses that the child she is expecting is Agustin's. Finally, Elena gets a divorce and can start a family with Pedro and Nicolás.



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