Young Girls Like You


“YOUNG GIRLS LIKE YOU” is the story of four teenagers with different backgrounds and personalities, who follow their dream of shining in the spotlights and register in Carmen’s school of the performing arts. Here, the four girls will also learn that love and friendship, the two main values of this telenovela, will change their dreams and their lives forever. They are: Elena, the poor girl; Monica, the wealthy heiress; Isabel, the country girl, and Leticia, lower middle class and the most ambitious in their group. Family problems and generation gaps, the joys and disappointments of love, professional jealousy and personal goals, make “YOUNG GIRLS LIKE YOU” a compelling drama for young audiences—seasoned with a touch of delicious comedy—that portrays one of the many realities faced by today’s youth.

Although their friendship starts off on the wrong foot, the four girls decide to join forces against Margarita and her friends, a little gang of second-graders who are determined to make their lives miserable. Shortly after, they form a singing quartet and manage to win a contest. Suddenly, fame and fortune are at their doorstep. In order to earn some money and help Miss Carmen to save her school, they agree to perform in a concert, but Pepe, Elena’s father, and Carmen’s brother-in-law Vicente, take this opportunity to “manage” and exploit the girls.

Federico, Monica’s greedy cousin, murders her father and begins to gradually steal away her inheritance. But Federico’s envy and hatred of his young cousin are not satisfied, and to ruin her chances of success, he seduces Leticia, deceives her into a false marriage ceremony, and forces her to leave the group, which may have to disband without her.

Evil and danger threaten these four friends at every turn. We will accompany them in their daily journey through life, experiencing moments of gripping drama, amazing revelations, passionate romance or fireworks of youthful cheer, and rich doses of music and color; with intriguing, controversial characters, such as Roger—the ”living corpse”—or the mysterious Charlie. All this and more, makes “YOUNG GIRLS LIKE YOU” a fascinating telenovela that is sure to captivate the audience from the very start to its thrilling, amazing final episode.



145 x 60'



Executive Producer: Emilio Larrosa I. - Associate Producer: Arturo Pedraza L. - Year: 2007

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