Me, Her... And Eva!


What happens when your entire philosophy of life collapses the very moment you meet “THE” woman?

Juan Carlos Caballero, an unredeemed seductive man who uses women and doesn’t believe in love, is a prominent executive at Grupo Imperio, a prestigious company in the tourist industry.

By using his well-known talent for seducing women, he pretends to be a foreign businessman and tries to steal from Helena Moreno, an enterprising single mother, her innovative project for a tourist complex in a Mexican beach; however, and against all odds, he gets to know her and falls deeply in love for the first time in his life.

When he is planning to tell her the truth, Helena catches him and, at the same time, he is unjustly accused of making a gigantic fraud by the company’s CFO, Plutarco Ramos, who happens to be the person who actually stole Helena’s important project and now, together with the Tourism Commission, is accusing her of plagiarism.

Hunted by the police, Juan Carlos runs away; meanwhile at Grupo Imperio, Plutarco decides to hire Helena to become the project’s leader. Being unemployed and with an accusation over her shoulders, she seems forced to accept such position in order to prove that she was framed.

It is then when Juan Carlos finds the opportunity to come back in order to vindicate his reputation before the eyes of everyone and recover Helena´s love.

This is how...Eva will be brought to life and with her, Juan Carlos will learn a lesson that will change his vision of life and his perception of women to become an upright man and finally be able to surrender to real love.

Walk in her shoes! 



167 x 60'



Original Story by: Elkim Ospina, Fernán Rivera and Juan Carlos Troncoso - Adapted by: Pedro Armando Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero and Humberto Robles - Literary Editor: Juan Carlos Tejeda - Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Year: 2012

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