Fooled Into Love


The Carmonas live a simple and peaceful rural life at a village in Mexico’s inland and they own one of the biggest mines of the region. They are forced to move to the city after the government pays them good money for their huge land. 
The family is made up by Facundo and María who have four children, Alberto, 21 years old; Carmen Gloria ‘Yoya’, 18 years old; Susana, 14 years old; and Jacinto, 10 years old. On arriving at the city, they must deal with several situations inherent to the adaptation process in the metropolis and at the same time-- family conflicts when some of its members want to go back to the quiet rural life in which they grew up.
On the other hand, we have the Velascos, the elegant and sophisticated neighbors from the residential area where the Carmonas moved in. The Velascos are made up by Isabel and Santiago; he owns a bankrupt construction company. The couple takes care of their 20 year old nephew, Felipe, their 18 year old niece, Rocío, and they also have a 14 year old daughter called Alejandra. 
The first conflict comes up when the Carmonas arrive to the city along with their farm animals which are mostly characters too, with a constant and relevant presence in the story, and who cause damages to the Velascos’ house. That is how the gap between them opens. 

As the story develops, Santiago realizes that Facundo is a millionaire and that he might be able to save his construction company if he invests in it, but his greed is bigger and he ends up scamming him. This corporate offices are one of the main sets in the story. 
Santiago’s plans include Isabel seducing Facundo so that he continues investing more and more money in the company, and this is where the first romantic conflict emerges. 
Several romantic affairs take place among the young characters. The strongest is that of Alberto and Rocío, but there are lots of lies and obstacles that will prevent them from living their love freely. They have friends in common who hang out with them at the University, which will also play an important role in the disputes triggered between them and their multiple friends. 
‘Amores con Trampa’ is a telenovela with a comedy touch that will make you laugh, cry and discover an endless number of muddles, conflicts, adventures, misunderstandings and love affairs



127 x 60'

Family Melodrama


Year: 2015

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