Burning For Revenge


The three Reyes brothers make an oath before the grave of their sister Libia and vow to avenge her death. With hatred in their hearts, Juan, Oscar and Franco make their way to the hacienda of Bernardo Elizondo, the man who seduced their sister and got her pregnant, not knowing that Bernardo truly loved her and had every intention of divorcing his overbearing wife Gabriela. Before their arrival, however, Bernardo dies in a suspicious accident and the hacienda is taken over by Gabriela and her son-in-law Fernando.

The Reyes brothers find work at the hacienda as masons and carpenters, and they soon devise a plan to punish the hated Elizondo family. Their targets are the three daughters of Bernardo and Gabriela, and their plan is to seduce them and then abandon them, so that they will suffer as Libia suffered before her death. Juan chooses Sofia, Oscar will seduce Ximena, and Franco will go after Sarita.

They will gradually come to realize that their plan won’t be that simple to carry out because the three sisters are themselves victims of their mother’s tyranny, and have been totally robbed of their freedom and individuality.

Juan finds Sofia to be a sensitive, generous woman who is traumatized because she was raped. She was forced to marry Fernando, a violent man she does not love. Juan falls sincerely in love with her and, for the first time since her terrible ordeal, Sofia is able to touch a man without feeling rejection. Their relationship is put in jeopardy no only by Juan’s oath and by Fernando’s presence, but also by the arrival of Ruth Uribe, who develops an obsessive desire for Juan and is determined to have him.

Oscar will discover that Ximena is the girl of his dreams. She is outgoing and spontaneous, with a burning desire to experience life to the fullest. Their relationship is colored by sensuality and playfulness. They cannot help falling in love, and Oscar will find himself in a painful dilemma between love and revenge.

Franco and Sarita will realize that they are soul mates. Both of them are sensitive and naïve and they share a love for books. Their romance will be sweet and full of surprises. But Franco will be plagued by indecision; prior to meeting Sarita, he had fallen in love with Rosario Montes, a singer in a local bar. Rosario, however, pushes him away even though she does love him because Fernando wields a strong power over her and has threatened to kill any man who tries to get near her. Franco is at a crossroads: to love Rosario and fulfill his oath, or to break it and love Sarita.



200 x 60'



Original Story: Julio Jiménez - Original Version: Liliana Abud - Adapted by: Ricardo Fiallega - Literary Edition: Dolores Ortega - Year: 2008

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