The Duran are the reference family in the Peñón de la Esperanza neighborhood. To everyone's eyes, they project unity, harmony and respect, but the reality is different for the women in the family.

Inés Durán lives under the yoke of her husband Vicente. Cristina Durán, the eldest of the daughters, was once her father's great pride through her promissory swimming, until an incident pushed her away from sports. Lorenzo's daughter - Inés's eldest son from a previous relationship - has challenged her conservative father since she awoke to sexuality and wants to lose her virginity. Marcela Durán, the youngest daughter, tired of being watched and scolded, takes refuge in her boyfriend Rommel and his gang.

Everything becomes worse when Marcela steals a car, not knowing that the body of an important steel businessman is inside the trunk. At 15, she will end up in a juvenile detention center accused of theft and become a suspect in a murder she did not commit.

On the verge of freedom, Marcela will learn that Horacio Cifuentes, Fabián's father, has used his economic power and his influence to have her imprisoned in a high security prison. Desperately, Marcela will try to reach him to propose him to find Fabián's real assassins, convincing him that only someone from Peñón de la Esperanza can find them. Desperate, Horacio agrees to make his son's murderers pay, but warns Marcela that if she fails to comply, her family will suffer the consequences.

Marcela will return to the neighborhood to complete her mission, not only facing the hostility of her neighbors, but also that of her own family, with whom she will try to rebuild ties, especially with the women, who face their own problems alone and silently.



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