Fall Into Temptation


Fall into temptation is the thrilling story of two couples who dare to live a forbidden love.

Raquel never suspected that, upon attending an emergency call, she would not only discover that Damián, her husband, has gone into a coma due to a car accident, but also that the body of an unidentified woman who was travelling with him is missing. Santiago, a friend of the family, gets there to support Raquel and discovers a terrible truth; the missing woman is no other than his wife, Carolina, who happens to be Damián’s lover.

Occurring in two different times, Fall into temptation shows a painful present after discovering the lies that had been growing around these two couples, who were apparently connected only by a good friendship, and a past in which we ignore what happened when these two marriages met, three years before, unleashing a daring and unconventional story.

Damián and Raquel are a solid marriage. They have two teenager twins, Mía and Federico. The Beckers enjoy a wealthy life full of luxuries and pleasures.

The Alvarados, Santiago and Carolina, make a happy couple who also have two teenage children, Lola and Nicolás. Unlike the Beckers, they struggle to thrive and achieve a financial stability.

Damián and Carolina meet during the launch of an important franchise chain. He is immediately fascinated with her eyes and natural beauty. Carolina, on the other hand, can’t help feeling attracted to the gallant, manly man.

What appeared to be an irrelevant event becomes a sign of what is about to happen between the two of them. Days after, Raquel and Santiago have a car incident that joins the two families and puts them in a showcase where their different lifestyles and habits mix together. Damián and Raquel are reinvigorated by the young couple, while Carolina and Santiago are benefited by the financial privileges they get with their new friends.

Their continued coexistence makes Raquel care excessively for the Alvarados and feel compelled to help and protect them. On the other hand, the forbidden desire between Carolina and Damián grows and grows until they can’t resist it anymore. They finally give in to an insatiable affair that prompts them to lie and betray those who they love the most. 

A car accident occurs on the highway during the small hours. Damián is seriously wounded and falls into a coma. Carolina was with him that night. In the worst possible way, Santiago and Raquel will discover they had been cheated by their couples. Devastated, they will begin to reconstruct themselves and identify in each other the only possible way to be rescued. Joined by necessity, Santiago and Raquel will walk through the abyss until they will finally admit they have fallen in love.

The secret love of the lovers in the past, and the heartbreaking suffering of the betrayed ones in the present. Both stories are interfered by a police intrigue over a crime that triggers several questions, taking us through an outburst of emotions, characters, and situations to finally conclude that, somehow, all of us might… Fall into temptation.




103 x 60’



Executive Producer: Giselle González - Original Story: Erika Halvorsen, Gonzalo Demaría, Micaela Libson, and Esteban Garrido. - Adaptation: Leonardo Bechini and Oscar Tabernise - Year: 2017

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