Dream With Me


This is the story of two unusual teenagers: Clara, age 16, and Luca, 17; and their group of friends.

Clara’s life seems to be perfect. Her friends are very fond of her, she is a top student, talented, beautiful, with rich parents and a prospective boyfriend who looks like an ideal match for her.

Luca is an idealistic bohemian. He comes from a middle-class family and lives with his two sisters. The oldest is 26 years old and the youngest is 11. 

Luca hates superficiality and is a tireless advocate of just causes. He possesses an intuitive talent for music and song-writing, but does not have a formal musical education.

Behind her parents’ backs, Clara decides to register to participate in a musical reality show where she hopes to become a famous singer under the stage name “Loli-Pop.”

At first, only her best friend knows her secret and of course, her personal diary where she writes everything down that goes on in her life, step by step. This diary is the instrument that will allow us to find out about different events in Clara’s life and her moments of pure fantasy and imagination.

Clara will use the diary as her “haven of dreams” to be fulfilled. Her friends know about her diary and respect it as something very personal to Clara. They would never dream of reading it.

Luca is expelled from his high school and his sister is able to get him registered in the one where she works, “Las Colinas,” the school that Clara attends.

Luca and Clara meet at school, and due to an incident, they end up having treating each other like cats and dogs... But while they don’t get along at school, Loli-Pop captures Luca’s heart with her sweet voice and he follows her on TV never suspecting that she and Clara are the same girl.

In spite of their different views on the world and the thousands of impediments that Luca’s girlfriend and Clara’s aspirant boyfriend set in their way, love and music will bring them together. But the attraction they feel will not be enough as everything will conspire to drive them apart, even Clara and Luca themselves will deny their feelings for one another.



120 x 60'


Writer: Claudio Lacelli - General Production: José Luis Massa, Alejandra Giaccio, Ronnie Amendolara - Executive Producer: César Markus - Year: 2010

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