Distilling Love


The picturesque Mexican town of Tequila, Jalisco, is the backdrop for a gripping love story; a love as ardent, pure and strong as the famous distilled liquor that bears the name of this warm and fertile region where it is produced.

Teresa Hernandez, known by her pet name “Gaviota” (seagull), is a field hand who travels the country with her mother, Clara, following the harvest route. Every year, they return to Tequila for the “jima” of the blue agave cactus at the La Montalveña hacienda, owned by Don Amador, the patriarch of the Montalvo clan, who have been in the tequila business for generations. When this story begins, Don Amador knows that his end is near and decides to spend his last days in this land that is so dear to him.

After his passing, the family gathers for his funeral. His grandsons, Rodrigo and his cousin Aaron, arrive from London, where they are studying for their Doctorate. The two cousins have been raised almost as brothers, but their grandfather’s will awakens Aaron’s greed, for it states that the first male offspring of either of them will have full control of the family fortune. Aaron is confident, though, because he knows that Rodrigo has never been able to consummate a relationship. But events will take an unexpected turn when Rodrigo meets Gaviota.

Both the young man and the lovely “jimadora” feel their hearts swelling with the pangs of first love; their bodies, enveloped by an enthralling passion, come together in sweet abandon. Rodrigo promises Gaviota that in one year, when he receives his degree, he will come back and marry her. Not long after he leaves, Gaviota realizes that she is with child and, in her innocence, decides to go to England in search of him, never suspecting how vast the world actually is. Deceived by a local photographer who promises to help her, Gaviota falls prey to a gang of white slaver who send her to a brothel in Paris.

The brave girl manages to escape and begins her perilous quest to reunite with the man she loves. Alone, not speaking the language, only her faith and her unwavering love will sustain her in her darkest moments. Aided by a kindly Italian and a group of English nuns, she will return to Mexico, to a life she no longer recognizes; a life of bitterness and pain. A life in the big city, where ambition, anger and deceit are the common currency; a life that threatens to turn to stone that once warm and innocent heart, a heart that began that fateful journey... “Distilling Love.”



170 x 60'


Original Story: Fernando Gaitán - Adaptated by: Kary Fajer - Co-adapted by: Gerardo Luna - Literary Edition: Rosario Velicia - Year: 2007

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